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UN Points to Abuses, Cover Up in Mexico’s Ayotzinapa Investigation

A United Nation’s body has accused Mexico's government of fabricating evidence and using torture to force confessions during its investigation into the...
Protesters demand justice for the 43 missing students

Obstructed Justice in Mexico: Ayotzinapa Three Years Later

It remains unclear exactly how 43 students from a rural teacher's college in Mexico disappeared three years ago. And much of what is known about the case has come...
The San Miguel Totolapan vigilantes

Mexico Vigilantes Seize Mother of Crime Boss in Hostage Showdown

A vigilante militia has become involved in a hostage standoff with an organized crime network in southwest Mexico, as the competition for booming criminal profits...
A protester stands in front of pictures of the disappeared students

Two Years Later, Unsolved Iguala Case Underscores Mexico Security Failures

The case of Mexico's 43 missing students remains unsolved after two years, underscoring the reasons for the deep distrust many Mexican citizens harbor toward their...
Family members of the disappeared students

IACHR Renews Role in Mexico Case of Disappeared Students

Latin America's top regional human rights body has approved further measures to track the Mexican government's progress in its ongoing investigation of an...

Latest Guerrero, Mexico Arrest Promises Little Change in Insecurity

The capture of an alleged local Knights Templar chief on the coast of Guerrero promises to bring down insecurity in one of Mexico's most violent states, say...

Four Questions about the ‘5th Bus’ in Case of Mexico’s Missing 43

The final report released by the panel of international experts charged with investigating the disappearance of 43 students in Mexico at the hands of a criminal...
Protestors carry photos of the Iguala disappeared

New Testimony Implicates Mexico Federal Police in Iguala Case

Witness testimony given to Mexico's human rights agency has implicated federal police in the 2014 disappearance of 43 student protestors from Iguala, opening a new...
A forensic unit at the Cocula trash dump

Forensics Discredit Mexico’s Investigation into Missing Students Case

A new report by an international forensics team has cast further doubt on the government's version of what happened to the 43 students who went missing in Guerrero,...

Mexico Gold Mine Attracts Criminal Gangs

Criminal gang the Guerreros Unidos are reportedly terrorizing a local community living near one of Mexico's biggest gold...
Federal police logs do not match official Iguala story

Logs Indicate Mexico Federal Police Knew of Iguala Abduction

In the latest development in the infamous case of Mexico's 43 disappeared, newly released service logs indicate federal police did nothing after being alerted to...
The GIEI's new theory on the 43 disappeared students offers little closure

Despite New Theories, Uncertainty Remains Regarding Mexico’s Missing 43

A brand new theory offers an answer to the infuriating question of why a criminal group in Mexico murdered dozens of protesting students last year in Guerrero, but...