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Legalization – The Gorilla In The Room

Though it is not on the agenda of the Sixth Summit of the Americas, to be held April 14-15 in Colombia, the question...

Gorilla in the Room: This is Not a Legalization Debate

In the final installment of the "Gorilla in the Room" series, Colombian columnist Daniel Pacheco* argues that the real challenge for leaders at this week's Summit...

Gorilla in the Room: The Expert View on Drug Legalization

As the debate over drug prohibition develops, InSight Crime reviews the positions of leading thinkers on drug decriminalization and legalization, finding that the...

Gorilla in the Room: Mapping Pre-Summit Drug Policy Positions

Drug policy will not officially be discussed during this week's Summit of the Americas, making it the proverbial "gorilla in the room." In the first in a series of...

Gorilla in the Room: Guatemala Takes the Lead

After Guatemala's President Otto Perez controversially advocated open debate on drug legalization and decriminalization, it is time to detail the country's stance...