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Urabeños Gang Offers $1,000 Reward to Murder Colombian Police

The Urabeños drug gang, whose leader was killed in a raid on January 1, have reportedly launched a plan to attack the security forces by offering $1,000 for each...

Urabeños Flex Their Muscles in North Colombia

With the imposition of a curfew that paralyzed transport and shut down business in northwestern Colombia, the Urabeños defied the government and protested the...

Urabeños Leader Killed, but Expansion Likely to Continue

Colombian police have killed one of the leaders of the Urabeños, one of the most powerful criminal syndicates in the country, with links to Mexican cartels and...

Beyond BACRIM, Urabeños Set Sights Higher

Juan de Dios Usuga, alias “Giovanni,” has seen all sides of Colombia's conflict, as guerrilla, paramilitary, and now head of one of the country's most powerful...

Juan de Dios Úsuga, alias ‘Giovanni’

Juan de Dios Usuga, alias "Giovanni," headed the Urabeños' military wing while the group was under the command of Daniel Rendon Herrera, alias "Don Mario."...