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Illegal mining has destroyed virgin jungle

GameChangers 2016: Illegal Mining and Continuing Criminal Diversification

Latin America witnessed a criminal boom in illegal mining in 2016, and a rise of complementary illicit activities, as organized crime recognized the potential of...
El Salvador's gangs and security forces are locked in low-intensity warfare

GameChangers 2016: El Salvador’s New (Ideology Free) Civil War

The already heated fight between El Salvador's gangs and security forces began to resemble a low-intensity conflict in 2016, as the MS13 and Barrio 18 increasingly...
Local gangs in Costa Rica and Panama stepped up in 2016

GameChangers 2016: Gang Evolution in Central America’s Southern Gateway

When it comes to Central America, all eyes are usually on the Northern Triangle. But 2016 saw local organized crime in Costa Rica and Panama -- traditionally oases...
Former Guatemala president Otto Pérez Molina in custody

GameChangers 2016: Sunset of the Central American Spring

As the year closed, the successes and failures of the fight against corruption, impunity and organized crime in the Northern Triangle combine to leave a...
A Colombian soldier deployed

GameChangers 2016: Militarization Continues Amid Ongoing Criticism

In 2016, governments continued to use militarized approaches to combating organized crime in Latin America, despite mounting evidence of human rights abuses and the...
Mexico needs more than soldiers on the street to combat organized crime

GameChangers 2016: After Decade-long Drug War, Mexico Needs New Ideas

Mexico's militarized drug war hit its ten-year birthday during 2016, but with widespread insecurity, spiking homicides and new criminal battlegrounds, no one was...
The Maduro government has created conditions that have allowed for the accelerated growth of criminality and organized crime.

GameChangers 2016: Criminality and Organized Crime Thrives in Venezuela

This year has brought Venezuela to its knees -- economically, politically and socially -- providing organized crime with extremely fertile...
President Dilma Rousseff was removed from obvious amid a widening corruption scandal

GameChangers 2016: Elites, Organized Crime and Political Firestorms

Welcome to InSight Crime's GameChangers 2016, where we highlight the most important trends in organized crime in the Americas. This year we put a spotlight on crime...