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Colombian army destroys a FARC cocaine lab

Golden Opportunity as Colombia Peace Talks Turn to Drug Trade

Peace talks between the FARC guerrillas and the Colombian government have turned to the issue of drug trafficking, representing a historic opportunity to tackle the...
Members of the FARC negotiating team

Colombia & FARC Agree But Tough Drug Question Remains

The Colombian government and Marxist guerrillas have negotiated a deal on ensuring rebel political participation, a key advance, moving the talks closer to the...
Colombian soldiers guard property seized from the FARC

Colombia Property Seizures Increases Pressure on the FARC

Authorities in Colombia have seized more than $6 million of property from the FARC, as the government exerts pressure on the rebels' criminal interests even as...
Negotiations between the Colombian government and coca farmers.

Colombia Strikes Coca Substitution Deal with Protesters

Colombia's government and protesting coca farmers have reached an initial agreement that could provide a starting point for crop substitution measures being...
Colombian police face the growing threat of urban militias

Are Colombian Police Prepared for the Guerrilla Militia Threat?

Colombia's police are already strategizing for the end of the country's conflict with Marxist rebels, even as the task of combating the guerrillas is increasingly...
Colombian Attorney General Eduardo Montealegre

‘Colombia Prosecutors Unprepared for FARC Demobilization’

Colombia's Attorney General has admitted prosecutors do not currently have the logistical ability to handle the demobilization of the FARC, raising further...
Negotiators from the FARC and Colombian govt

Santos Invites FARC to Join Drug Fight as First Peace Agreement Signed

President Juan Manuel Santos has asked the FARC to work with the state in combating drug trafficking as the guerrillas and the Colombian government reached their...

Criminalization of FARC Elements Inevitable

While there is no doubt that the FARC have only a tenuous control over some of their more remote fronts, there is no evidence of any overt dissident faction within...

Ivan Rios Bloc: the FARC’s Most Vulnerable Fighting Division

When considering the possibilities that the FARC may break apart, the Ivan Rios Bloc is a helpful case study because it is perhaps the weakest of the FARC's...

Criminal Activities of the FARC and Rebel Earnings

The FARC engage in criminal activities to fund their struggle to overthrow the state. There is very little difference between the way they and the BACRIM raise...

The EPL and “Megateo”: the Future of the FARC?

While the demobilization of the M-19 rebel movement is perhaps the most famous guerrilla peace deal in Colombia's history, the Popular Liberation Army (Ejercito...

Could Colombia’s FARC Rebels Break Apart?

The possibility of ending nearly 50 years of civil conflict is being dangled before Colombia. While the vast majority of the Colombian public want to see peace, the...