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Colombia peace talks envoy Bernard Aronson (left) and US State Secretary John Kerry

What US Participation in Peace Talks Means for Colombia

US participation in Colombia's peace talks raises questions about how Colombia will grapple with the tricky issue of granting FARC leaders immunity from extradition...

The Financial Pitfalls of Peace for Colombia’s ELN*

Authorities in Colombia have opened an investigation into massive extortion payments made by a multinational company to guerrilla groups the FARC and ELN,...
Former Police General Oscar Naranjo Trujillo

Colombia’s FARC Agrees to Break Ties to Drug Trafficking: Ex Police Cmdr

As Colombia's government and the FARC rebels accelerate towards a final peace agreement, a former police commander working with the government's negotiating team...

Three Questions as Colombia’s Peace Talks Resume

More than three weeks after suspending talks with guerrilla group the FARC, the Colombian government has resumed negotiations with the rebels. But one of the...
Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos

Colombia President Proposes Making Drug Trafficking a ‘Political Crime’

In a radio interview, President Juan Manuel Santos said that Colombia should consider expanding its definition of political crimes to include drug trafficking,...
General Ruben Alzate received a flag from President Santos

Colombia Peace Process Suspended: Action of Rogue FARC Unit?

Colombia's president has suspended a two-year peace process with the FARC guerrillas after the kidnapping of an army general, amid questions of whether this action...
A soldier guards workers eradicating coca plants

FARC, Colombia Govt Drug Agreement Doomed to Failure?

As peace talks between the Colombian government and FARC rebels stumble on, a report from the Transnational Institute finds deep flaws in the May agreement on...
Alias "Richard" after his capture

Arrest of FARC’s Pacific Narco Boss Shines Light on Rebel Drug Ops

Authorities in Colombia have captured the commander of the FARC's 30th Front and alleged head of the group's Pacific coast drug operations in a blow to a powerful...
President Juan Manuel Santos

Colombia Vote Favors Peace Process, but Numerous Obstacles Remain

Voters in Colombia have reelected incumbent President Juan Manuel Santos, whose electoral platform centered on continuing peace processes with the country's...

FARC Leader Admits Guerrillas Have Been Corrupted by Colombia Drug Trade

The head of Colombia's FARC guerrillas has admitted the rebels have lost leaders and fighters to the temptations of the drug trade, but continues to insist they...
FARC negotiators in Havana

Limited Ceasefire Violations Suggest FARC Command Still in Control

The lack of major violations to the unilateral ceasefire declared by the FARC for Colombia's election season indicates the central command retains broad control...
Leaders of the FARC negotiating team headed by "Ivan Marquez" (podium)

The Reality of the FARC Peace Talks in Havana

If we are to believe the Colombian government, the question is not if, but rather when, an end to 50 years of civil conflict will be reached. Yet the promise of...