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FARC negotiators in Havana

Limited Ceasefire Violations Suggest FARC Command Still in Control

The lack of major violations to the unilateral ceasefire declared by the FARC for Colombia's election season indicates the central command retains broad control...
Leaders of the FARC negotiating team headed by "Ivan Marquez" (podium)

The Reality of the FARC Peace Talks in Havana

If we are to believe the Colombian government, the question is not if, but rather when, an end to 50 years of civil conflict will be reached. Yet the promise of...
Oscar Zuluaga won the first round election

Zuluaga Election Victory Sets Up Colombia ‘War vs Peace’ Run-Off

Colombia's new president will be elected in a second round run-off that is shaping up to be a war or peace referendum on negotiations with guerrillas after...
Is Hezbollah's interest in Latin America just opportunism?

Terrorism and Crime in the Americas – ‘It’s Business’

In a statement given before the Organization of American States, InSight Crime's Steven Dudley discusses the reality of the links between global terrorist groups...
Sonia Cruz Quiceno, alias "La Mona"

Alleged FARC International Drug Contact Extradited from Guatemala

Guatemala has extradited a woman reported to have served as a link between Colombia's rebels and international drug trafficking organizations, suggesting that an...
The FARC delegation in Havana

How Criminal Agendas Took Center Stage in LatAm Peace Deals

Criminal agendas could represent a critical "blind spot" in attempts to resolve armed conflicts in Latin America, capable of sabotaging negotiations and derailing...
Results of a FARC attack in Cauca, before the ceasefire

What Did the FARC Truce Tell Us?

The unilateral truce called by Colombia's rebels over Christmas ended with very few, but telling violations, suggesting that the guerrilla leadership is still...
FARC delegates announcing proposals in Havana

FARC Drug Trade Proposals a Mixed Bag for Govt Negotiators

Colombia's FARC guerrillas have published their proposal to end illicit drug production, and while some of it will resonate with government negotiators, an...
Colombia's new heroes: 'Elite Command'

CIA v. Colombia’s ‘Elite Command’: Battle from the Ground Up

A recent article in the Washington Post about the CIA's participation in the precision bombing of FARC guerrilla leaders undermined some aspects of Colombia's new...
'Paco,' Argentina's version of crack cocaine

Organized Crime in the Americas: What to Expect in 2014

We can already identify some of the trends that are likely to mark the evolution of organized crime in 2014. One is the issue of criminal migration, as organized...
The FARC has regrouped and switched tactics

Report Traces How FARC Wages War While it Talks Peace

A new report into how Colombia's conflict has developed as the FARC guerrillas negotiate with the government shines a light on the strength and tactics of the...
The site of a previous attack in Anori by the 36th Front

Is Ceasefire Breaking Bombing a Message to FARC Leadership?

A ceasefire declared by Colombia's FARC guerrillas has been broken after one day, illustrating the difficulty the rebel leadership has controlling disparate...