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A seized cocaine shipment in Colombia

How to Break Free of the Drugs-Conflict Nexus in Colombia

After nearly 80 years of war, Colombia is on the cusp of closing a historic peace deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Fuerzas Armadas...
William Brownfield spoke to a Colombian newspaper about drug trafficking

Brownfield Gives Glimpse Into US View Of Colombia Drug Trafficking

A recent interview with William Brownfield provides an insight into how the United States views the current state of drug trafficking in Colombia, and the potential...

About That Handshake Between FARC Leader, Colombia President…

On September 23, guerrilla group the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) reached a key agreement with the Colombian government about how to approach...
Colombia's FARC guerrillas

Size of Colombia’s Demobilization Process Opens Questions

The large size of Colombia's potential rebel demobilization raises questions about how the government plans to determine who is a guerrilla soldier and who is...
President Santos (left) and FARC Commander "Timochenko" (right)

What FARC-Colombia Govt Accord Does Not Cover

Colombia's government and rebel group the FARC have reached an agreement on transitional justice and announced that the longest-running conflict in the Western...

Colombia Court: Drug Trafficking is ‘Political Crime’

Colombia's Supreme Court president suggested that the judiciary won't block efforts by lawmakers to ensure that FARC guerrillas receive amnesty for alleged drug...
FARC guerrillas

US Treasury Targets FARC Guerrillas in Switzerland

The US government has blacklisted members of Colombia's FARC for running a drug trafficking and money laundering network in Switzerland, a move that may complicate...
FARC negotiator "Ivan Marquez"

What Colombia Peace Process Means for Military’s Future

Colombia's FARC guerrillas are to extend their unilateral ceasefire, an encouraging sign for the country's peace process. The announcement also offers a glimpse of...
The FARC are deeply involved in the drug trade

Guerrilla Leader Exemplifies Possible Criminalization of Colombia’s FARC

A guerrilla commander that operates along Colombia’s southern border and is suspected of large-scale drug trafficking serves as a good example of the type of...
The July 12 accord makes negotiating a bilateral ceasefire a bigger priority in Colombia

Colombia’s Peace Process: What Are They Thinking?

The last seven months have seen the pendulum of Colombia's peace process swing back and forth rather wildly. The year began with optimism: the FARC was observing a...
Colombia coca farmers gather for Putumayo summit

FARC Calls for Implementation of Drug Agreement

Both the FARC guerrillas and Colombian coca farmers have called for the implementation of agreements for tackling coca cultivation, but doing so while the conflict...
Jose de Jesus Perez Jimenez, alias "Sancocho"

Colombia Assassination Raises Fears Paramilitary Release Could End in Violence

The first paramilitary leader to have left prison via Colombia's transitional justice program has been murdered, a possible foreshadowing of more violence as the...