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GameChangers 2019: Backwards to the Future

Welcome to InSight Crime's Criminal GameChangers 2019, where we highlight the most important trends in organized crime in the Americas over the course of the year....
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The Future of the Ex-FARC Mafia

Colombia is at a crossroads. Several paths lay before it. One sees the ex-FARC mafia consigned to the dustbin of history in a short period of time. However, there...

The Tipping Point: Iván Márquez Deserts the Peace Process

In August 2019, the nature of the ex-FARC mafia changed from a localized nuisance to a national security threat. Iván Márquez and several of the more notorious...

The Evolution of the Ex-FARC Mafia

Even before the signing of the 2016 peace agreement between the FARC and the Colombian government, it was clear that not all of the former guerillas would welcome...

Is Colombia Condemned to Repeat History?

There were always going to be dissident elements from the FARC, from those who were unconvinced by the peace deal or simply refused to consider it. However, the...

Uncertainty in Reintegration Camps, Another Challenge for Peace in Colombia

While former guerrillas look for a way forward in the midst of an increasingly fragile peace process, the murder of one of their own has increased doubts about...

Why Are Social Leaders Dying in Colombia’s Cauca?

In early 2018, Colombia’s Ombudsman's Office sounded the alarm regarding an unprecedented increase in the murders of social leaders nationwide. Over 18 months...

Duque Doubles Down on Colombia’s FARC Dissidents After Call to Arms

A military operation that killed 14 dissident FARC fighters just a day after three former top guerrilla commanders announced a return to arms seems to hint at the...

Major Implications of Former FARC Leadership Returning to War

In a video published on YouTube, a group of senior former FARC rebel leaders declared the intention to take up arms once again, reviving the FARC-EP and sounding...

Colombia Unconvincingly Walks Back Controversial Military Plan

New orders from Colombia’s military leadership showing a possible return to policies that previously led to a wave of extrajudicial killings has sown further...

Seuxis Pausías Hernández, alias ‘Jesús Santrich’

Seuxis Pausías Hernández Solarte, alias “Jesús Santrich,” is a former rebel commander who has taken up arms again as part of a new...

Drug Dealers Masqueraded as FARC to Enter Colombia’s Peace Process

The capture of a former FARC leader in Colombia has revealed how he tried to falsely enlist drug traffickers within the country's peace process, registering them as...