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Honduras Army Captain Santos Rodríguez Orellana

Blood Thicker Than Water? US Accusations Put Honduras President in Difficult Spot

The US government’s recent accusations against several alleged drug traffickers, among them military officials, have placed Honduras’ President Juan Orlando...
The Supreme Court in Honduras

Honduras Extraditions Hint at Ongoing Weakness in Judicial System

Five members of the weakened Valles drug trafficking organization are facing extradition to the United States, highlighting the Honduran government's commitment to...
Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and former President Álvaro Uribe

How Colombia Peace Crisis Could Shake Up Criminal Landscape

Colombia's surprise rejection of a peace agreement between the government and the hemisphere's longest-running insurgency could push rebel factions to abandon the...
Mi Sangre at his extradition hearing.

Drug Lord Accused of Dramatic Prison Break Plan in Argentina

Argentine authorities have allegedly uncovered a plan by Colombian drug lord "Mi Sangre" to escape from prison, as the former paramilitary is running out of options...
"La Barbie" following his capture in 2010

Enigmatic Drug Lord ‘La Barbie’ Made Deal With US: Report

An American drug lord who operated in Mexico reportedly made a deal with US authorities to secure a shorter sentence, an anticipated outcome that is sure to add to...
Police photo from the arrest of Italian criminal Enricco Muzzolini

Colombia to Extradite Mafioso Back to Italy, Again

The story of an Italian criminal who is to be extradited from Colombia back to his home country indicates Italy's mafia remains powerful in Latin America, despite...

Was Brazil Crime Boss Behind the Havoc in Paraguay Prisons?

A day of confusion and prison disturbances that led to the firing of Paraguay's top judicial and prison authorities may have been part of a plan by an infamous...
Cocaine seized in Honduras

Honduras Police Wanted for Cocaine Trafficking Extradited to US

Five of the six Honduran National Police officers indicted by the US government for cocaine trafficking in a scheme involving the son of an ex-president have turned...

Venezuela Trying to Block Extradition of ‘Cartel Operative’: Report

Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro has reportedly asked his Colombian counterpart not to extradite to the United States an alleged Cartel of the Suns...

Lawyers for Mexico’s ‘El Chapo’ Slow Extradition Process

The legal team of infamous Mexican drug trafficker Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán has temporarily stalled his extradition to the United States in a move that may...
Former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli

Panama Supreme Court Seeks Extradition of Ex-President Martinelli

Panama's highest court has asked the foreign relations ministry to approve an extradition request for ex-president Ricardo Martinelli, marking a new step in a case...
Henry de Jesús López Londoño, alias “Mi Sangre”

Argentina Approves Extradition of Colombia Capo ‘Mi Sangre’

Argentina approved the extradition of top Colombian drug lord "Mi Sangre" to the United States, creating speculation as to what information he may offer US drug...