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Michoacán state is the world leader in avocado production

Powerful Mexico Crime Groups Grew by Extorting Avocado Trade: Report

A new report suggests that two organized crime groups in Mexico initially funded their criminal enterprises through extorting and kidnapping avocado farmers,...
Some 600 pulperías have closed in Tegucigalpa in 2017

Extortion in Honduras Capital Shutting Stores, Causing Migration

A new report says that thousands of corner stores have closed in Honduras' capital in the past two years due to extortion and pushing residents to flee, a stark...
The group reportedly operates in 10 countries in Latin America

Colombia Loan Shark Network Uncovered in Mexico City

A new report claims that a Colombian loan shark network is operating in more than three quarters of Mexico's states, a further indication that these lucrative...
Colombian authorities arrest a BACRIM

Weekly InSight: InSide Colombia’s BACRIM

In our July 13 Facebook Live, Executive Director Jeremy McDermott spoke to InSight Crime investigator James Bargent about what are known as "bandas criminales" or...
The MS13 operated a propane gas business

New Details on MS13 Clique’s Sophistication in San Salvador Center

A case against the MS13 operating in El Salvador's capital city shows how the gang's money laundering side is getting more sophisticated, even as it remains reliant...
An Oxxo store burns in Michoacán state

Insecurity Leads Mexico Convenience Store Chain to Close Stores

Mexico's largest convenience store chain says it has been forced to close a number of stores amid growing insecurity and violence, a reflection of the economic...
Rapid urbanization fuels land trafficking in Lima, Peru

How Urbanization and Land Trafficking Go Hand-in-Hand in Peru

The latest revelations about land trafficking in Peru show how unchecked urban sprawl can foster criminal enterprises that operate with official...
Barrio 18 gang members

Barrio 18 Extortion Scheme Casts Doubt on El Salvador Govt Security Narrative

The Barrio 18 gang in El Salvador allegedly engaged in large-scale extortion of a community water management project, underscoring flaws in the government's claims...
Peruvian police capture alleged extortionists

Organized Crime Bounces Back in Extortion-Plagued North Peru

Extortion mafias in north Peru have regrouped and restructured after operations to dismantle them late last year, illustrating a pattern of recycled criminality...
Four butchers were killed at this market in 2016

Mexico Criminal Groups Use Violence to Control Meat Industry: Report

Criminal groups are coercing butchers at a food market in western Mexico to buy meat from them at elevated prices and are killing those who do not comply, a new...
Trinidad and Tobago's Works and Transport Minister, Rohan Sinanan

Trinidad and Tobago Gangs Extorting Public Works Projects

Authorities in Trinidad and Tobago say gangs are behind the rampant extortion of contractors carrying out public works projects, highlighting the many ways criminal...
The detained members of "Los Cobras de la Esperanza"

Dismantled Network in Peru Had Familiar Criminal Characteristics

Authorities in Peru have dismantled a criminal group that brought together distinct elements seen in many of Latin America's organized crime structures: private...