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A Guatemalan bus burned by gangs in 2011

Could Guatemala City’s Smart Bus System Cut Extortion?

Guatemala City's replacement of its old buses with a more secure system where drivers do not handle cash could help cut down on extortion of bus companies and...

‘Guatemala Bus Companies Sell Intelligence to Extortion Rings’

According to the organized crime investigative unit of Guatemala’s Attorney General Office, bus transport employees are known to sell personal information about...

‘Guatemalan Extortion Ring’ Kills 3 Transport Workers

Three bus company employees in Guatemala City were killed by alleged gang members running extortion rackets, highlighting the dangers gangs pose to transport...

Extortion Shuts Down 1/3 of Businesses in Honduran Capital

Extortion has reportedly forced 30 percent of small businesses in the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa to close, demonstrating the economic cost of insecurity in the...

Bus Exortion Ring Busted in Guatemala

Guatemala police have arrested seven people for extorting an estimated $500,000 from bus drivers in the capital city, highlighting an alarming trend in the Central...

‘Mexico Internet Scam Extorts Applicants for Fake Jobs’

Mexico City security officials are reportedly investigating an Internet fraud ring that used fake job offers to elicit resumes from potential employees, then used...

Guatemala Sees 6 Taxi Drivers Murdered in a Week

The murder of six taxi drivers in Guatemala in six days calls attention to the targeting of transit workers by organized crime throughout the...

‘Guatemala Inmates Extorted 5 Star Hotels in El Salvador’

Guatemala prison inmates have been accused of making threatening phone calls to large hotel chains in neighboring El Salvador, pointing to the growing popularity of...

FBI to Train Anti-Extortion Unit in El Salvador

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) will help train a task force in El Salvador dedicated to investigating extortion-related crimes, with nearly 3,000...

Honduras Launches Offensive Against Gang Extortion of Bus Drivers

Honduras' security forces have begun an operation to increase security for bus and taxi drivers who are targeted for extortion by urban gangs -- a problem that...

Lima Street Gang Rivalry Re-Emerges: Report

Two Lima gangs have reignited their struggle for control of the city's extortion rackets, according to Peruvian media, prompting fears of a rise in violence in the...

Honduras Doubles Prison Terms for Extortion

The Honduran Congress passed legislation doubling the prison sentence for extortion, among other measures, raising questions about the government's anti-gang...