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5 Ways the MS13 Launders Money

A number of recent operations have revealed that the MS13 has developed a financial structure that’s helped them increase their income. But how does the gang...

Guatemala Gang ‘Copycats’ Terrorize, Extort

The repeated appearance of “copycats” in Guatemala shows how criminals are taking advantage of the country’s widespread extortion and its near primal fear of...

Cell Phone Trafficking in Costa Rica Prisons Lucrative, Aids Extortion

Cell phone trafficking in Costa Rica prisons has become a lucrative and rarely punished business, allowing criminals to continue their illicit activities and...

Women in Guatemala: The New Faces of Extortion?

A visit to a women’s prison in Guatemala shows the increasing role that women play in extortion rackets. The ubiquity of extortion markets in urban, poor...

In El Salvador, a Thin Line Between Community Policing and Vigilantism

Authorities in El Salvador are keen to expand a much-praised local policing model believed to have helped two rural communities tackle bloody gang control. But a...
People displaying Salvadoran flags (Credit: Salvador Meléndez/Revista Factum)

5 Ways Ending TPS Could Impact Central America Security

The administration of US President Donald Trump has announced that it plans to end to a migration policy known as Temporary Protected Status for 2,500 Nicaraguans,...
Michoacán state is the world leader in avocado production

Powerful Mexico Crime Groups Grew by Extorting Avocado Trade: Report

A new report suggests that two organized crime groups in Mexico initially funded their criminal enterprises through extorting and kidnapping avocado farmers,...
Some 600 pulperías have closed in Tegucigalpa in 2017

Extortion in Honduras Capital Shutting Stores, Causing Migration

A new report says that thousands of corner stores have closed in Honduras' capital in the past two years due to extortion and pushing residents to flee, a stark...
The group reportedly operates in 10 countries in Latin America

Colombia Loan Shark Network Uncovered in Mexico City

A new report claims that a Colombian loan shark network is operating in more than three quarters of Mexico's states, a further indication that these lucrative...
Colombian authorities arrest a BACRIM

Weekly InSight: InSide Colombia’s BACRIM

In our July 13 Facebook Live, Executive Director Jeremy McDermott spoke to InSight Crime investigator James Bargent about what are known as "bandas criminales" or...
The MS13 operated a propane gas business

New Details on MS13 Clique’s Sophistication in San Salvador Center

A case against the MS13 operating in El Salvador's capital city shows how the gang's money laundering side is getting more sophisticated, even as it remains reliant...
An Oxxo store burns in Michoacán state

Insecurity Leads Mexico Convenience Store Chain to Close Stores

Mexico's largest convenience store chain says it has been forced to close a number of stores amid growing insecurity and violence, a reflection of the economic...