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One of the Czech citizens arrested by Dominican police

Czech ‘Gang Members’ Arrested in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has arrested seven Czech suspected gang members, illustrating the Caribbean country's growing importance as a hub for transnational organized...
The five suspects arrested on October 17

Ecuador Breaks Up Eastern European Drug Trafficking Networks

Ecuadorean police have dismantled two criminal networks stretching from South and Central America to Eastern Europe, highlighting Ecuador's growing role as hub for...
Salvatore Bonomolo after his arrest in Venezuela

Venezuela Arrest Reveals Deepening Italian Mafia Ties

Venezuela authorities, working closely with Italian and Interpol investigators, apprehended convicted Italian mob boss Salvatore Bonomolo, illustrating the strong...

Ecuador Captures Suspected Russian Drug Trafficker

Ecuador's arrest of a Russian national suspected of drug trafficking points to the country's importance as a operating base for international criminal...

Dominican Official Blames Drug Woes on Foreign Criminal Groups

A top anti-narcotics official in the Dominican Republic has claimed that foreign mafias and cartels are at fault for the Dominican Republic’s drug...

Italy Drug Sweep Reveals Cosa Nostra Operation in Northern Mexico

A ten-year investigation by Italian authorities into the nation’s drug trafficking networks offers a glimpse into the Italian mafia’s links with Mexican...

A Look at Serbian Kingpin’s Latin America Connections

The case of a shady Balkan crime network sheds light on the ways that the South American drug trade has spread to far-flung corners of the...

Spain Indicts Criminal Group Accused of Financing FARC

Spain's National Court has indicted 52 people for laundering drug money, some of which allegedly helped in financing the FARC, further highlighting the rebel...

Italy’s ‘Ndrangheta Mafia: A Powerful Ally for the Zetas

The rise of the Zetas as not just a Mexican menace but as a significant power in the international drug trade has been helped along by its growing links to a...

Are the Mafia Moving into the Dominican Republic?

Reports from the Dominican Republic warn of the presence of Russian and Italian mafia on the island, buying up land, perhaps with more than just holiday plans...