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Suspect baggage seized by Spanish police

Traffickers Evolving More Sophisticated Drug Mule Operations

Spanish police have broken up a network that allegedly moved cocaine from Colombia to Spain using a sophisticated and innovative twist on a classic method -- the...
Police photo from the arrest of Italian criminal Enricco Muzzolini

Colombia to Extradite Mafioso Back to Italy, Again

The story of an Italian criminal who is to be extradited from Colombia back to his home country indicates Italy's mafia remains powerful in Latin America, despite...
The ecstasy pills smuggled from Germany into Argentina

Argentina Seizes 67,000 Ecstasy Pills Imported from Germany

The discovery of over 67,000 ecstasy pills smuggled from Germany into Argentina sheds light on the supply-side dynamics of the country's rapidly growing synthetic...
Cocaine seized during Operation Two Seas

Massive Bust Shows Italian Mafia Role in LatAm Drug Trade

Colombian, Italian and US authorities collaborated in a massive round-up of nearly 150 suspected members of a multicontinental drug trafficking ring, highlighting...
Map of Colombia's drug trafficking diaspora

Mapping Colombia’s Drug Trafficking Diaspora

From the jungles of Brazil to the elegant boulevards of Madrid, some of Colombia's most renowned drug traffickers of recent memory have been captured abroad, a sign...
Emiel Brummer was arrested in Spain

Alleged Operative in European Crime Syndicate Arrested in Spain

News of the arrest of the right-hand man of alleged British drug kingpin Robert Dawes -- accused of trafficking drugs from South America to Europe -- has emerged....
The port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands

New Report Offers Details on Cocaine Traffic to Europe

A new report provides insight into how traffickers move cocaine to the lucrative European market, including the key trafficking routes and smuggling techniques...
Colombian cocaine found in a German banana shipment

Mexico, Colombia Groups Bring Franchising Model to Europe: Europol

Drug trafficking organizations in Colombia and Mexico are reportedly using the criminal franchise model to traffic cocaine into Europe, replicating a strategy...

‘Cocaine Rice’ Sparks Argentina Probe into Colombia Narcos

Argentina's authorities believe a criminal network from Colombia was behind a major drug export operation, indicative of the prominent role that Colombians continue...
Gerald Oropeza, alias "Tony Montana"

Peru’s “Tony Montana” Captured in Ecuador

Peruvian drug trafficker Gerald Oropeza, alias "Tony Montana," was arrested on September 10, 2015, in Ecuador, a significant step for the police amongst...
Salvatore Zazo, alias “Zaza"

Italy Mobster Linked to Peru’s ‘Tony Montana’

Authorities in Italy said phone messages received by a suspected drug trafficker in Peru contain the voice of an Italian criminal, a case further demonstrating the...
Cocaine use is on the decline in parts of Europe

Is Europe’s Cocaine Market Becoming Saturated?

A new report on European drug markets suggests a significant decline in cocaine use among the continent's principal consumer countries, which could have...