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Martin Farfan Diaz, alias "Pijarbey"

New Fighting for Colombia’s Lucrative Eastern Plains

At least 40 men are believed killed in the latest bout of fighting for control of drug crops on Colombia's Eastern Plains and the lucrative cocaine routes that give...
Daniel "El Loco" Barrera

Colombian Capo ‘Loco’ Barrera Talks Killing Enemies, Trafficking Cocaine

Recordings of Colombian drug trafficker Daniel Barrera, alias "El Loco," speaking to Colombian and Venezuelan authorities shed light on the inner workings of his...
ERPAC leader "Jean Claude"

ERPAC Gang Boss Surrenders to Colombian Govt

Yet another heir to the leadership of Colombian neo-paramilitary group ERPAC has surrendered to the government, pointing to a struggle for power in the country's...
Alleged ERPAC member Jose Nieto, alias "Candelo"

Who Will Inherit the Colombian Criminal Empire of ‘Loco Barrera’?

The fall of Daniel "El Loco" Barrera has left his drug empire in Colombia's Eastern Plains up for grabs. Several groups are in a position to make a play for it,...

Colombia Sentences Demobilized Neo-Paramilitaries to 4 Years

Colombia sentenced 43 demobilized members of the ERPAC neo-paramilitary group to over four years in prison, adding to concerns that the group will not be made to...

Colombia’s BACRIM: Common Criminals or Actors in Armed Conflict?

Colombia's neo-paramilitary criminal gangs have been excluded from an initiative aimed at facilitating the demobilization of guerrilla groups, limiting the...

New Leadership Drives Conflict in Colombia’s Eastern Plains

A new generation of former paramilitaries are now at the center of the drug war in Colombia's Eastern Plains. Tracing the backstory of one leader in particular...

After Failed Demobilization, ERPAC Factions Join Colombia’s Larger War

While a Colombian court handed down the first sentences for members of neo-paramilitary group ERPAC who surrendered in December, remnants of the gang are fighting...

Colombia Police Say ‘Loco’ Barrera Arming ERPAC Remnants

Colombian authorities seized a shipment of 150 rifles which kingpin Daniel "El Loco" Barrera was allegedly shipping to his long-time allies the ERPAC, in a sign...

Who Will Fill the Power Void in Colombia’s Eastern Plains?

A power void has emerged in Colombia's Eastern Plains, where guerrillas and paramilitaries have long ruled in lawless tracts of territory, and traffickers fight for...

Colombia ERPAC Handover Exposes Holes in Process

A mass paramilitary surrender resulted in just 21 arrests this weekend in Colombia. The rest of the estimated 269 members of the group known as ERPAC who turned in...

Colombian Drug Gang Surrenders to Govt, Leaving Power Vacuum

Colombian drug gang ERPAC is set to demobilize, which could leave a dangerous power vacuum in their territories in eastern Colombia, where the contenders for power...