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Óscar Mauricio Pachón, alias ‘Puntilla’

Óscar Mauricio Pachón, alias “Puntilla,” is a drug trafficker who controlled a criminal network descended from paramilitaries in Colombia’s strategic...
Arrested criminal boss "Puntilla" Pachón

Colombia’s Wild East: a Cocaine Hub Without a Capo

The Colombian government claims it has forced the country's main criminal organization out of the remote Eastern Plains region, but the area's strategic value as a...
ERPAC paramilitaries demobilizing

Latest Colombia Drug Boss Arrested in Ongoing Crackdown

Colombian authorities captured yet another drug boss in the country's lucrative Eastern Plains, keeping up the pressure on criminal organizations that are also busy...
Alias "Puntilla" was arrested on February 26

Colombia’s Eastern Plains Up for Grabs After Drug Lord Capture

Authorities have arrested a drug boss who went from stable boy for the Medellín Cartel to carving out a criminal empire of his own on Colombia's Eastern Plains,...
Colombia's BACRIM are expanding, says ombudsman's office

Colombia’s BACRIM Expand as FARC Talks Peace

Colombia's Ombudsman's Office warns that the country's narco-paramilitary groups are expanding, suggesting that these organizations could be lining themselves up to...
Deputy Attorney General Jorge Fernando Perdomo

Colombia Legal Reform to Aid Mass Surrender of Criminal Groups

Colombia is developing a legal framework to facilitate the surrender and collective prosecution of criminal groups, seeking to avoid repeating the mistakes made...
The most recent image of Pijarbey

Narco-Paramilitary Boss Pijarbey Set to Be Major Colombian Kingpin

A former paramilitary known as "Pijarbey" is rebuilding the drug empire of fragmented trafficking group the ERPAC in Colombia's Eastern Plains, and is now...

Martin Farfan Diaz Gonzalez, alias ‘Pijarbey’

Martin Farfan Diaz Gonzalez, alias "Pijarbey" was a powerful criminal operative in Colombia's Eastern Plains region. He was the leader of the Libertadores del...
A Pacific Rubiales oil tank in Meta, Colombia

Colombia Network Provided Stolen Fuel to Eastern Plains Narco-Paramilitaries

Authorities in Colombia have captured members of a criminal network that reportedly stole gasoline for cocaine production, shedding light on the expanding...
Martin Farfan Diaz, alias "Pijarbey" in 2009

Arrests Show Colombia’s BACRIM Moving on Amazon Border Region

Authorities in Colombia have captured members of a narco-paramilitary group attempting to set up in the Amazon border region, undermining previous official...
Armando Carvajal Morales, alias 'Mello'

Bogota Killing Linked to Narco-Paramilitary War for East Colombia

The head of one of several narco-paramilitary groups disputing Colombia's lucrative drug real estate on the Eastern Plains has been murdered in Bogota, which could...
US Treasury chart of Don Evaristo's criminal activities

New Colombian Addition to ‘Kingpin List’ Paid Off FARC in Venezuela

The latest addition to the United States' "kingpin list" is a low-profile but influential Colombian cocaine trafficker, whose nexus of alliances shines a light on...