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The Politics Behind the Hunt for Paraguay’s Guerrillas

Paraguay security forces appear to be keeping up the pressure against the small and elusive EPP guerrilla group. The organization does not appear to pose a serious...

Paraguay’s EPP: Phantom or Rebel Army?

A recently released hostage of Paraguayan guerrilla group the EPP says his captors boasted about their links to Colombia, Venezuela and Cuba. This adds weight to...

Paraguayan Farmers Threaten Strike Against Pot Eradications

Farmers in San Pedro, Paraguay, are threatening to hold roadblocks if the government continues an unpopular marijuana eradication program. The plant is believed to...

Police Tout Dismantling EPP Camp with Wooden Guns

Authorities in Paraguay announced they had arrested 14 youths at a "training" camp for the leftist rebel group the Paraguayan People's Army (Ejercito del Pueblo...