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Father of kidnapping victim Arlan Fick requests son's release

Paraguay Govt Fears EPP Rebels Will Seek Prisoner Exchange

Authorities in Paraguay fear the EPP guerrilla group will demand that the government free captured rebels in exchange for releasing kidnap victims, a move that...
Paraguay's House of Representatives

Paraguay Congress Approves Intelligence Agency Following EPP Attacks

In the wake of recent rebel actions, Paraguay's legislature has approved the creation of a national intelligence system, but it remains to be seen whether this body...
Paraguay's EPP guerrilla group

Attacks Sign of Growing EPP Strength in Paraguay Despite Security Crackdown

A series of high-profile attacks by Paraguay's EPP guerrilla group has raised concerns that the organization is gaining strength despite a security forces assault,...
Footage from an EPP kidnapping

Leaked Videos Show Inner Workings of Paraguay’s EPP Guerrillas

More than 60 videos filmed by Paraguay's EPP guerrillas have been leaked to the media, offering an unprecedented insight into the clandestine operations of one of...
Paraguay's EPP guerrillas

Paraguay’s EPP Accuses President of Narco Ties in PR Campaign

A rare communique issued by Paraguay's EPP guerrillas has labeled the country's administration a "narco-government," in an apparent public relations attempt to...
The body of Bernardo Bernal Maiz, alias "Coco"

Paraguay Lauds Heavy Blow to EPP After Leader’s Killing

Security forces in Paraguay have killed a man described as the third in command of the EPP guerrilla organization, a significant blow to the small...
"Welcome to the EPP guerrilla camp"

Paraguay Rebels Accuse Government of Drug Trafficking: Video

The EPP has accused Paraguay's government of complicity in drug trafficking and corruption in two new videos, which authorities insist will provide valuable...
Paraguay's army is leading the fight against the EPP

Could 20 Guerrillas Be Causing Havoc for Paraguay’s Security Forces?

Notebooks abandoned by EPP guerrillas escaping a botched army ambush reveal some of the group's inner workings and suggests that the rebel fighting force, which the...
Funeral of first solider to be killed by EPP guerrillas

Army Failure Casts Doubt Over Paraguay’s Anti-EPP Efforts

Paraguay's EPP guerrillas have killed a soldier for the first time after a military operation spectacularly backfired, raising the question of whether the new...
Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes

100 Days In, Paraguay President’s War on EPP Sees Little Progress

Paraguay's new head of state declared a frontal assault on the northern EPP guerrillas in August, but just shy of 100 days into his presidency, there is little sign...
Alleged new EPP leader Lucio Silva

Paraguay govt hunts new EPP guerrillas

Senior officials in Paraguay have appealed for information on a new leader and seven new members of the country's EPP guerrillas, as the government continues its...
The arms and drugs seized by Paraguayan police

Narcos Exchanging Arms for Protection From Paraguay’s EPP: Officials

Paraguayan authorities have found indications that the country's EPP guerrilla movement receives arms from drug traffickers with international connections,...