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Colombia Training Paraguay Soldiers in Counterinsurgency

Colombia is training a number of Paraguayan security forces in counterinsurgency warfare, despite some questions over the nature of Colombia's role as a security...
An EPP fighter

Paraguay Guerrillas Act as Narco-Gunmen: Officials

Paraguayan authorities say the EPP guerrilla group now serves as the "armed wing" for drug trafficking groups, but there is scant evidence to back up these...
The German couple allegedly killed by the EPP

Paraguay Guerrillas Kill German Farmers, Escalating Conflict

Paraguay's EPP guerrillas allegedly kidnapped and murdered a German couple, a move that will likely strengthen the country's resolve to wipe out a rebel group that...
ACA leaders Alfredo and Albino Jarra

Does Leader’s Death Mark Demise of Paraguay Guerrilla Group?

The killing of one of the founding members of the ACA guerrillas could spell the end for Paraguay's breakaway rebels and their alleged plan to tap into the...
Arlan Fick reunited with his family

Following Civilian Release, Paraguay’s EPP Pushes Prisoner Swap

After Paraguay's EPP guerrillas released a civilian hostage but kept a police officer captive, the question is whether the rebel group may still be seeking a...
Luis Rojas, head of SENAD

Paraguay’s Guerrillas Producing Drugs: Anti-Drug Chief

Paraguay's anti-drug chief has said the EPP guerrilla group has moved from taxing drug production to producing their own marijuana, but the group's limited manpower...
Edelio Morinigo, thought to be an EPP hostage

Paraguay Guerrillas ‘Demand Prisoner Swap, Threaten to Kill Hostage’

Paraguay's EPP guerrillas have threatened to kill a kidnapped police officer if the government refuses to carry out a prisoner exchange, according to reports. If...
Paraguayan forces are fighting a dissident rebel group

Paraguay Security Forces Deal Major Blow to Dissident Guerrilla Group

Paraguay's security forces have killed as many as five members of a dissident faction of the EPP guerrilla group in three days, possibly including one of its...
 Albino and Alfredo Jara Larrea, heads of the new guerrilla faction

Paraguay’s Guerrillas Split, Dissident Group Replicates Colombia Model

Evidence has emerged that a faction of the Paraguayan People's Army (EPP) has broken away and formed a separate group, one perhaps more closely linked with the...
Paraguay's drug czar, Luis Rojas

Paraguay’s Top Anti-Drug Agent Talks Marijuana Trade

There is an assault rifle with an underslung grenade launcher propped against the wall by Luis Rojas' desk. The drug czar knows he faces an enormous task fighting...
Alcides Fick, the father of kidnap victim Arlan

Are Paraguay Rebels Looking for Prisoner Exchange?

Alcido Fick has made an impassioned plea to the EPP for the release of his son, for whom a ransom has already been paid. But Paraguay's rebel group may be seeking...
An FTC member guards an energy tower

Paraguay Makes Controversial Appointment to Head of Anti-EPP Ops

Paraguay has appointed a new Joint Task Force commander in charge of operations against the country's EPP guerrilla group, but critics question his ability to...