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The EPL could be moving into Venezuela

Colombia’s EPL Guerrillas Invade Venezuela Border Region: Report

Colombia's EPL guerrillas have reportedly taken over territory across the border with Venezuela, driving out the Venezuelan military and confronting...
Camilo Barrera, arrested for buying weapons stolen from Venezuela’s military for the EPL

Colombia Arrest of EPL Middleman Shows Booming Venezuela Arms Market

Authorities in Colombia arrested an alleged intermediary of the EPL rebel group in charge of acquiring weapons from Venezuela's military, a reminder that the...
EPL graffitis in Colombia's Catatumbo region

EPL Expands as FARC Withdraws From Former Turf

The EPL is reportedly expanding across Colombia's northeast, as the FARC withdraws from one of the country's largest coca growing...
EPL graffiti in Catatumbo

Are EPL Narco-Guerrillas Expanding Across Colombia?

The narco-guerrillas of the EPL are expanding both in their traditional stronghold and across Colombia according to a new investigation, which suggests the group...
 Guillermo León Aguirre, alias "David León"

Arrest of Top Narco-Guerrilla Could Spark Turmoil in East Colombia

Authorities have captured what they say is the maximum leader of the EPL narco-guerrilla network operating in Colombia's coca heartland of Catatumbo, a move that...
Coca eradication in Colombia

Colombia Captures Guerrilla Group’s ‘Link’ to Sinaloa Cartel

The capture of an alleged EPL financier in Catatumbo, Colombia could be a major setback for the guerrilla group’s operations in the country's principal drug...
Victor Ramon Navarro Serrano, alias "Megateo,"

Legend of Colombia Narco-Guerrilla Grows in Death

Locals in eastern Colombia have reportedly hidden the remains of recently killed narco-guerrilla "Megateo" and built a shrine in his honor, adding to the legend of...

Colombia Confirms Death of Narco-Guerrilla ‘Megateo’

Security forces announced they had finally killed the leader of a guerrilla group dedicated to drug trafficking along the Venezuelan border, who had built up his...

Death of a Colombian Narco-Guerrilla?

Rumors are swirling that the leader of a splinter rebel group, dedicated to drug trafficking along the border with Venezuela, has been killed in an offensive by the...
EPL guerrilla member

EPL Guerrillas’ Call for Peace Talks Poses Dilemma for Colombia

The EPL guerrillas have called to be allowed to join Colombia's larger rebel groups in peace talks, but the government is unlikely to be interested in negotiations...

Victor Navarro, alias ‘Megateo’

Victor Ramon Navarro Serrano, alias "Megateo," led the only remaining faction of the EPL guerrilla movement. Megateo was considered the most important drug...