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Colombia Legal Changes Jeopardize Future of FARC Agreement

Controversy surrounding the extension and modifications of a crucial law in Colombia shows the continued risks facing the successful implementation of the...

Colombia Government Rejection May Cement End of ELN Peace Talks

The government of Colombia has rejected the appointment of a top ELN commander as a delegate in peace talks and has ordered his capture — a move that likely...

Wavering of ELN Peace Talks Could Cause Further Criminalization

The increasing fragility of peace talks between the Colombian government and the country’s last remaining guerrilla group could see the rebels double down on...

As Peace Talks Flail, Colombia’s ELN Seeks ‘Liberation or Death’

Peace negotiations between Colombia's government and the ELN rebel group have reached their most precarious moment since they began. InSight Crime spoke with ELN...

Amid Concerns Over FARC Peace Deal, Ecuador Stops Hosting ELN Talks

With concerns mounting over the aftermath of Colombia's peace deal with the FARC rebels, Ecuador's government has announced it will no longer host negotiations...

Gustavo Aníbal Giraldo, alias ‘Pablito’

Gustavo Aníbal Giraldo Quinchía, alias “Pablito”, is a member of the ELN’s Central Command (Comando Central – COCE). He is one of the ELN’s most...

Belligerent ELN Front Kills Five Colombian Soldiers Near Venezuela Border

A deadly ambush against Colombian soldiers blamed on the ELN shows the rebel group's internal divide around its ongoing peace negotiations, and is a reminder of its...

With Armed Strike in Colombia, ELN’s Warmongers Seek Upper Hand

When Colombia’s largest guerrilla group declared an “armed strike” on the first anniversary of the official start of its peace negotiations with the...

ELN Peace Talks Unraveling as Post-Ceasefire Violence Continues

In a sign of waning confidence in the negotiations that could lead to their unraveling, Colombia's government has suspended peace talks with the...

Colombia Army Puts Pressure on ELN Amid Post-Ceasefire Violence

Recent actions by Colombia’s army against the country’s largest active guerrilla group indicate that the government may be using military pressure to achieve...

Wave of Violence Strikes Colombia After ELN Ceasefire Ends

Violence erupted across Colombia following the end of a temporary ceasefire with the country's largest active guerrilla group, casting doubt over the future of...
Guerrilla fighters of the ELN group

Is Colombia’s Ceasefire With the ELN at Risk of Crumbling in Chocó?

Warnings that Colombia's bilateral ceasefire with the ELN guerrilla group could crumble because of violence in a criminal hotbed could be exaggerated, but the peace...