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Elites and Organized Crime

Accused Honduran drug trafficker Digna Valle

An Arrest in Florida Could Mean Trouble in Honduras

The recent arrest of a member of an alleged Honduran drug trafficking family in Florida is another subtle sign that there is a changing of the guard happening in...
Accused meth trafficker Zhenli Ye Gon

Meth Trafficker Sentence Highlights Asia Ties to Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel

A Chinese-Mexican methamphetamine trafficker who operated in Mexico has been sentenced to 25 years in prison while the alleged leader of the operation -- his cousin...
Juan Ramon Matta Ballesteros

Property Seizures of CIA Linked Narco Latest Blow Against Honduras Impunity

Authorities in Honduras have confiscated 17 properties belonging to the family of convicted drug trafficker and ex-CIA contact Juan Ramon Matta Ballesteros --...
Medellin's murder rate has reached historic lows in 2014

Is the Sinaloa Cartel now a Player in Medellin?

A mafia boss is found slumped in a car park in an exclusive neighborhood with four bullets in his head. Grenade attacks and hitmen on motorbikes leave a trail of...
Arrested Yoro Mayor Arnaldo Urbina Soto

Honduras Mayor Accused of Leading Murderous Drug Running Gang

Honduran authorities have detained a mayor who allegedly led a criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking and hired killings, in a case highlighting just...
Carvajal is received by President Nicolas Maduro

Release of Ex-Intelligence Chief Highlights Venezuela Official Impunity

A former intelligence chief from Venezuela accused of drug trafficking and ties to Colombia's FARC guerrillas has been released just days after his arrest in Aruba,...
Salinas and Benitez are sworn in to the Defense Ministry

El Salvador Military Arms Trafficking Probe Reaches Top Officials

Investigations into alleged arms trafficking by members of El Salvador's military have now reached the top, with a former defense minister, and an ex-vice defense...
Jose Ramon Granero, accused of ephedrine trafficking

Ex-Argentina Anti-Drug Chief Accused of Trafficking Precursor Chemicals

The former director of Argentina's anti-drug agency has been accused of trafficking chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine, in a case that shows the extent...
Peru's top anti-corruption prosecutor

Over 90% of Peru’s Mayors Face Corruption Investigations, Highlighting Endemic Problem

Some 92 percent of Peru's mayors are under investigation for corruption, a staggering figure that underscores rampant corruption and a culture of impunity among...
The Panamanian company allegedly trafficked cocaine in fish fillets

Italy-Panama Cocaine Network Reveals Mafia’s Use of Elite Connections

An international drug trafficking case involving an export company in Panama and the 'Ndrangheta mafia provides the latest example of the Italian criminal group's...
Michoacan Governor Fausto Vallejo

Mexico Governor Resigns Amid Accusations of Family Ties to Knights Templar

The governor of Mexico's southwestern state of Michoacan has resigned, marking the end to a term during which both state and local officials have been accused of...
Coca crops in Peru's VRAEM region

Peru’s VRAEM Region: The Home of Miss Coca

Peru has become the biggest cocaine producer and exporter in the world. In the main cultivation region, farmers make their living selling coca leaf with no...