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Elites and Organized Crime

Congressman Wilver Alexander Rivera Monge (left)

Key Witness in El Salvador ‘Repollo’ Case Identifies Congressman

The main witness in the case against a major drug trafficker and his network in El Salvador has appeared in court and photographically identified a congressman...
Members of Texis Cartel being led to jail

El Salvador Investigation Outlines How Texis Cartel Works

Authorities in El Salvador have released findings from an investigation into the Texis Cartel, revealing a diverse network of criminal activities that explains how...
La Guajira governor 'Kiko' Gomez

Colombia Governor Arrested For Multiple Murders, Crime Links

The governor of Colombia's La Guajira department, a major organized crime hub, has been arrested in a case which demonstrates the extent to which politics and...
Honduras police guard a seized Cachiros' property

Cachiros Knew About Honduras Police Operation: Official

Honduras authorities announced that 71 bank accounts confiscated from the Cachiros were found empty, a sign of how institutional corruption is likely to hamper...
Honduras authorities guard confiscated Cachiros zoo

The US Govt’s Dangerous Dance with Honduras

The US government's declaration of war on the Cachiros drug trafficking gang has sent a message to Honduras' economic and political elites that no one is...
The city of Medellin

Medellin Truce Inches Groups Closer to Criminal Hegemony

The Medellin mafia, fragmented through bitter infighting, has called a truce and made an agreement with their rivals the Urabeños, seeking to rebuild the criminal...
Former anti-drug official Bayardo Ramirez

Venezuela No.1 Trafficker in LatAm: Anti-Drugs Official

A former top anti-drugs official in Venezuela has lambasted corruption in the country and branded it the "number one" drug trafficking nation in Latin America,...
Honduran police seize a luxury property

$800 Mn Cachiros Seizure ‘End of Phase One’: Honduras Police

Honduras' police chief has declared that $800 million seized from the Cachiros drug trafficking group is just the first phase of the operation, although with no...
Salvador Ramirez Soto, alleged leader of car theft ring

Guatemala Breaks Up Car Theft Ring Linked to Texis Cartel

Various government employees were among the 22 suspects arrested in Guatemala in relation to a car theft ring linked to the Texis Cartel, highlighting El Salvador...
The Cachiros leaders

US Pushes Honduras to Crack Down on Cachiros

The Honduras government, working closely with US authorities, has cracked down on one of Honduras' largest drug transport organizations, the Cachiros, seizing...

Peru Army General Created 620 ‘Phantom Soldiers’

A Peruvian army general has been accused of making up 620 "phantom soldiers" to claim extra funding, an illustration of the endemic corruption that reaches the...
Suspects arrested in Salcaja murder case

How Salcaja Massacre Tests Guatemala’s Resolve

Following the violent deaths of eight police in northwest Guatemala, the government began one of the biggest and most successful operations undertaken since the...