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Elites and Organized Crime

 Judge Maria Servini de Cubria

Argentina President’s Office Embroiled in Precursor Chemical Trafficking Scandal

The president's office in Argentina has become ensnared in a drug production precursor chemical trafficking scandal as the high level corrupt contacts that...
Dino Bouterse, son of the president of Suriname

Son of Suriname’s President Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking, Terrorism

The son of Suriname's president, who served as head of the country's counterterrorism unit, has pleaded guilty to drug trafficking, weapons, and terrorism charges,...
Sempra is facing accusations of bribing Mexican officials

California Firm Investigated for Links to Mexico Organized Crime: Reports

US authorities are investigating allegations that California energy company Sempra had links to Mexican criminal groups and bribed prominent Mexican politicians,...
Officials are still counting the cocaine bricks

Evidence Points to Sinaloa Cartel Behind Multi-ton Peru Cocaine Haul

Officials in Peru have said the two companies whose shipments of coal were found to contain tons of cocaine earlier this week were set up as fronts by Mexican drug...
William Palacio Valencia, the mayor of Turbo

Colombia Arrests Show Criminal-Political Ties Die Hard

Thirty-two public figures, including former and current politicians, have been arrested in Colombia's northwestern Uraba region for ties to paramilitaries, in a...
Cattle in Nicaragua's RAAS

Nicaragua Cattle Smuggled to Honduras

Cattle-running groups have reportedly illegally transported 22,000 heads of cattle from eastern Nicaragua to Honduras in three months, highlighting the size of a...
Peru's national electoral authority

Peru Excludes 345 Candidates from Elections for Criminal Convictions

Authorities in Peru have announced the removal of over 300 political candidates with criminal records from upcoming elections, a decision that indicates a...
Central American presidents meet with Obama

Guatemala, Honduras Presidents Blame US, Ignore Own Problems

Presidents in Central America have blamed US drug policy for fueling the ongoing child migrant crisis, but the violence, unemployment and underdevelopment fueling...
Sao Paulo traffickers are selling in upscale areas

Wealthy Traffickers Tapping into Brazil’s Middle Class Drug Market

Wealthy educated youth are increasingly involved in drug trafficking in Brazil, a phenomenon likely linked to a growing internal middle class...
Claudia Paz y Paz (El Faro - Fred Ramos)

Guatemala: The Fall of Paz y Paz, the End of a Judicial Awakening

If the conviction of former dictator Efrain Rios Montt on genocide charges represented the opportunity for Guatemala's justice system to right its historical...
Presidential candidate Aecio Neves campaigning in a Rio favela

Criminal Groups Control Political Campaigning in Rio Slums

Drug traffickers and militias are charging candidates in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro state for campaigning rights for coming elections in an indication that in...
The entrance to the Peten Aerial Command

How 1,500 Grenades Disappeared from Guatemala Military Stocks

A news report has shed light on how 1,449 grenades were stolen from a Guatemala military cache in 2013 and sold to drug trafficking organizations, a case that -- as...