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The Attorney General's Postulation Commission

The War of Paz y Paz: Enemy of the State

Since taking over in 2010, Guatemala's Attorney General Claudia Paz y Paz has waged a revolution from inside one of the country's most troubled institutions. She...
Gustavo Herrera

The War of Paz y Paz: Portrait of a Guatemalan Political Broker

Gustavo Herrera -- the would be businessman and political broker in the process to determine Guatemala's next attorney general -- might have many blotches on his...
Gang members accused of murdering a policeman in January

El Salvador to Wield Terror Laws Against Gangs

El Salvador's top prosecutor says he will use the government's anti-terrorism laws to prosecute gang members who attack police, opening the way for even tougher...
Jose Adan Salazar, alias "El Chepe Diablo" (center)

El Salvador Tax Probe Tightens Noose Around Texis Cartel Leader

As part of a tax evasion investigation, El Salvador prosecutors have seized documents and searched properties belonging to Texis Cartel leader "El Chepe Diablo" and...
Cesar Fernandez, disgraced ex-governor of Manabi

LatAm Governed by Crime: The Links Between Politics & Org Crime

Yet another scandal flooded the pages of newspapers in Ecuador in 2012 and 2013: the former governor of Manabi, Cesar Fernandez, was caught trying to smuggle drugs...
Former Guatemalan President Alfonso Portillo

Imprisoned Guatemala Ex-President Rejected US Plea Deal in 2010

Declassified US State Department cables document how Alfonso Portillo, the former president of Guatemala who recently pled guilty to money-laundering charges in New...
Protesters gathered in Plaza San Martin, Lima

Court Annuls ‘Narco-Pardons’ Case Against Peru Ex-President

A court in Peru has annulled reports from a parliamentary commission calling for the indictment of ex-President Alan Garcia over links to a "narco-pardons" scandal,...
Sketch of Alfonso Portillo in New York court

Guatemala Ex-President Pleads Guilty to Corruption, Money Laundering

Former Guatemala President Alfonso Portillo has pleaded guilty to charges of accepting bribes and money laundering before a New York court, a turn of events that...
Waldemar Lorenzana has been extradited to the US

Guatemala’s Underworld ‘Patriarch,’ Lorenzana, Extradited to US

Guatemala's government has extradited longtime drug trafficking suspect Waldemar Lorenzana to the United States, a move that will please the US authorities and send...
Voters in Colombia

Election Results Show Persisting Criminal Influence in Colombia Politics

Colombia's congressional elections saw 69 candidates believed to have ties with illegal groups win seats, showing how criminal and armed groups continue to...
Gabriel "Gaby" Alvarez

Arrest of Publicist’s Brother Gets Argentina Talking Organized Crime

The arrest of the brother of a prominent public figure on drug charges has sparked a media furor in Argentina, placing the issue of drug trafficking and organized...

The Fixer and El Salvador’s Missed Opportunity

In the photograph, they are both smiling. In the foreground, on the left hand side, a man in a short-sleeved buttoned white shirt, jeans and a metal watch, holds a...