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Elites and Organized Crime

Colonel Carlos Rivas Najarro

Murder of Colonel’s Son Raises Questions Over Role of El Salvador’s Military

Colonel Carlos Alfredo Rivas Najarro is one of the more progressive figures in El Salvador's military, although he never voiced his opinions very publicly. But...
Rt. Peruvian police Colonel Benedicto Jimenez

200 Peru Police Linked to Crime Ring Allegedly Run by Retired Colonel

Two hundred police officers are under investigation for ties to a criminal network allegedly led by a retired colonel, in the latest example of officials being...
Rep. Wilver Rivera, accused of planning hit (left)

Did Narco-Linked El Salvador Congressman Plan Hit on Top Prosecutor?

El Salvador's attorney general has accused a congressman of plotting his murder, adding a new twist to an ongoing case that has exposed alleged close ties between...
Guatemala lobbyist Roberto Lopez Villatoro

The ‘Tennis Shoe King’ Who Became Guatemala’s Gentleman Lobbyist

As Guatemala gears up to select new Supreme Court Justices and appellate court judges, InSight Crime is investigating how organized crime influences the selection...
Guatemala's IGSS building

Justice and the Creation of a Mafia State in Guatemala

As Guatemala's Congress gears up to select new Supreme Court Justices and appellate court judges, InSight Crime is investigating how organized crime influences the...
Testimony is from Zetas' racehorse money laundering case

Testimony Describes Zetas’ Ties to Mexico Governor

Testimony from a US federal court provides more fuel for accusations that a former governor of Veracruz, Mexico, accepted cash from the Zetas, which was then part...
Byron Lima at a hearing in Guatemala City

Phone Calls Illustrate Power of Guatemalan Ex-Army Officer

As the trial begins of a Guatemalan ex-military officer accused of running a bribery ring from prison, where he is serving a sentence for a high-profile murder,...
Governor Roseana Sarney

Brazil Officials Implicated in Petrobras Money Laundering Scandal

Three governors and several other politicians in Brazil have been linked to a multi-billion dollar money laundering scheme allegedly involving state oil company...
Ortelio Abrahantes Bacallao

Cuban Officials Involved in Drug Trafficking: Defector

A former counterintelligence agent accused high-ranking security officials in Cuba of trafficking drugs, an assertion that suggests deep government complicity in...
 Judge Maria Servini de Cubria

Argentina President’s Office Embroiled in Precursor Chemical Trafficking Scandal

The president's office in Argentina has become ensnared in a drug production precursor chemical trafficking scandal as the high level corrupt contacts that...
Dino Bouterse, son of the president of Suriname

Son of Suriname’s President Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking, Terrorism

The son of Suriname's president, who served as head of the country's counterterrorism unit, has pleaded guilty to drug trafficking, weapons, and terrorism charges,...
Sempra is facing accusations of bribing Mexican officials

California Firm Investigated for Links to Mexico Organized Crime: Reports

US authorities are investigating allegations that California energy company Sempra had links to Mexican criminal groups and bribed prominent Mexican politicians,...