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Elites and Organized Crime

Captured Police Colonel Nestor Maestre (circled)

Colombia Arrests Police Colonel Allegedly Tied to 7 Tn Cocaine Haul

The arrest of a police colonel in Colombia who allegedly directed a criminal network involved in large-scale international drug trafficking has highlighted the...
President Fernandez de Kirchner with Jose Ramon Granero

Argentina Embroiled In Narco Corruption Scandals: Report

A report on the government of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner looks at three scandals involving corruption, money laundering, and precursor chemical...
Benedicto Jimenez was captured on October 25

Police Hero-Turned-Fugitive Captured in Peru

A former police colonel and hero of Peru's internal conflict has been arrested for his alleged connections to the "Pablo Escobar of Peru," making him the latest...
Maria Cristina Villalba and Vilmar Acosta (right)

Paraguay Congress Member Allegedly Protects Drug Traffickers

A congresswoman is accused of running a network in Paraguay's eastern border region that protects drug traffickers and assassins, which, if accurate, would fit with...
Marllory Chacon Rossell

US Prison Holds Guatemala Drug Trafficking ‘Queen’

The US Bureau of Prisons has confirmed that the alleged leader of a huge Central American drug trafficking and money laundering network is being held in the US. Her...
Paraguay's drug czar, Luis Rojas

Drug Czar Denounces Corruption in Paraguay

Paraguay's anti-drug chief has expressed concern over traffickers' ties to officials -- a phenomenon that may be inevitable given the importance of the marijuana...
Mayor Juan Antonio Vanegas (middle)

Was Attack on Guatemala Mayor Linked to Drug Trafficking?

A mayor from a Guatemala town located along a major drug route was attacked while visiting a border town in El Salvador, raising questions about who was behind the...
Vladimiro Montesinos (left) and ex-President Fujimori

Montesinos is Gone, But Peru’s Narco-Political Brokers Continue Tradition

Peru's drug trade was once highly centralized and facilitated by one powerful man: the government's former spy chief, Vladimiro Montesinos. Montesinos, and his...
The army colonel arrested in connection with the prostitution ring

Honduras Busts Child Prostitution Ring Used by Security Forces

Authorities in Honduras have dismantled a network that prostituted underage girls, in a case where the security forces not only protected the criminal operations,...
Cocaine discovered on Air France flight

No Top National Guard Officials Will Stand Trial in Venezuela’s Air France Cocaine Bust

Venezuela has charged 27 suspects in a case involving a massive cocaine seizure made on an Air France flight last year, but high-ranking members of the National...
Some of the judges who have cried foul

Following Outcry, Guatemala Suspends Election of High Court Judges

Guatemala's Constitutional Court (CC) has suspended the election of high court magistrates, following outcry from judicial officials over corruption in the...
Hayron Borrayo Lasmibat, accused drug trafficker

Capture of Guatemala Trafficker May Have Officials Trembling

A little known, but powerful drug trafficker from Guatemala thought to be connected to the highest levels of the country’s political establishment is in US...