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Elites and Organized Crime


Will Top US Prosecutor’s Ousting Impact Latin America Drug Cases?

The US Attorney General's surprise ousting of a top US prosector could potentially have repercussions on high-profile drug cases in Latin America, two of which...

State Intelligence and Organized Crime: An Old Relationship in Latin America

Investigations have revealed that Argentina's intelligence services under President Mauricio Macri allegedly bugged jail cells, engaged with criminals to ensnare...

The Legacy of How Guatemala Destroyed its Own Anti-Corruption Crusade

In 2015 and 2016, anti-corruption efforts in Guatemala saw a ray of hope, as criminal investigations led to the resignation and incarceration of former president...

The Fall of Álex Saab, the Venezuelan Regime’s Trusted Money Man

With the arrest of Colombian businessman Álex Saab, Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro has lost a suspected international money launderer who authorities say...

Corruption and Graft Afflict Latin America’s Pandemic Response

As Latin America emerges as the new global epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, corruption has proliferated, with politicians and middlemen quick to line their...
The Aguacate airstrip allegedly used by President Zelaya’s brother to traffic drugs

Airspace Law Further Exposes Contradictory US-Honduras Drug Partnership

The approval of a new law targeting drug planes will afford the Honduras government improved access to US counternarcotics intelligence at a time when US...

Guatemala Courts at Renewed Risk of Infiltration by Criminal Groups

Just as Guatemala is completing a selection process to appoint judges to two senior courts, an investigation has revealed a familiar scheme involving criminal...

Money Laundering Allegations Dog Mexico’s Cruz Azul Soccer Club

Although the Mexican soccer league has canceled the rest of its season, one of its most acclaimed clubs has remained in the headlines as three of its directors are...

‘Who Killed Berta Cáceres?’ – New Book Probes High-Profile Honduras Murder

When journalist Nina Lakhani first met Berta Cáceres in 2013 on the eve of the general elections in Honduras, the indigenous land defender knew she couldn’t give...

Venezuela Relies on Gold as Other Criminal Economies Dry Up

In the wake of Venezuela’s hyperinflation and economic collapse, the country has come to rely on dwindling oil exports, remittances, and the smuggling of fuel,...

The Hunt for ‘Wilexis’ – Manufactured Mayhem in Petare, Venezuela

A complex game of cat-and-mouse has unfolded over the last two weeks in one of Caracas’s most infamous neighborhoods, revealing how the Maduro regime tries to...

US Indictment Claims Venezuelan Politician Linked to Hezbollah, Hamas

US authorities have indicted a former Venezuelan congressman for serving as a go-between for Nicolás Maduro's government, Hezbollah and Hamas, drastically upping...