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Elites and Organized Crime

Credit: Seth Wenig/AP

7 Reasons for Describing Venezuela as a ‘Mafia State’

There is no universally accepted definition of what constitutes a "mafia state." Here are seven arguments as to why we think Venezuela qualifies and what the...

Brazil Police, Politician Tied to High-Profile Rio Activist’s Murder

New witness testimony suggests the high-profile assassination of a city councilwoman and her driver in Brazil was a coordinated plot among military police, militia...

Argentina Drug Investigation Inches Closer to Governing Party Mayor

A series of police raids in a strategically located town in Argentina seeking evidence of ties between drug traffickers and officials from the governing party shows...

New Arrests Expand Brazil’s Already Massive Anti-Corruption Drive

A new wave of arrests is continuing to expand the scope of Brazil’s wide-reaching anti-corruption probes, but the growing number of cases will likely move slowly...

US Senator Injects Uncertainty Into Guatemala Anti-Corruption Fight

In a move that could imperil anti-corruption efforts in Guatemala, US Senator Marco Rubio said he has halted funding for the United Nations-backed...

A New Guatemala Attorney General Brings New Concerns

Guatemala President Jimmy Morales has chosen a new attorney general who is widely expected to discontinue her predecessor’s forceful anti-corruption drive, a...

US Arrests Honduras Elite for Allegedly Laundering Corruption Proceeds

The US arrest of a man with family ties to one of Honduras’ largest government institutions is a clear sign of the limits to Washington’s leniency with its...

Guatemala President’s New Attack on Anti-Graft Body Hits Obstacles

The death of a key ally, an uncertain future for his political party and abuses by his interior minister could foil a desperate attempt by Guatemala President Jimmy...

Guatemala Attorney General Candidate Says Selection Process Is Flawed

Former judge Claudia Escobar was one of 29 candidates for attorney general in Guatemala, but despite -- or because of -- her promise to continue investigating...

US Congressional Hearing Is Latest Play Against CICIG in Guatemala

A dispute over the legitimacy of an independent anti-corruption body in Guatemala has landed in Washington, where a special Senate hearing examined the confusing...

Anti-Corruption Fight at Stake in Honduras Attorney General Selection

The selection process for the new attorney general in Honduras is already causing concern among civil society organizations due to a shortfall of candidates and the...

Arrest of Colonel With MS13 Ties Reveals Sophisticated Gang Tactics

The recent arrest of a Guatemalan army colonel for allegedly laundering money for the MS13 shows gangs are growing more sophisticated in their operations and ties...