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Honduras Anti-Graft Body Secures Historic Conviction of Former First Lady

After a high-profile investigation, anti-corruption prosecutors in Honduras have secured a conviction against a former first lady, marking the first such judgment...

US Targets Children of Venezuela President and First Lady

The United States has placed sanctions on the son and stepsons of Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro, adding to the piles of accusations that corruption within the...
Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández

Will Drug Conspiracy Allegations End US Support for Honduras President?

With a public accusation that he accepted drug proceeds for his political campaigns, the US appears to finally be turning its back on its longtime ally, Honduras...

US Targets Álex Saab, Venezuela’s Million-Dollar Money Launderer

US prosecutors have accused a shadowy Colombian businessman and Venezuelan officials of running a multimillion-dollar graft scheme, underscoring how foreign...

Guatemala Elites Exploited Health Sector to Pocket Millions: Prosecutors

Prosecutors in Guatemala are investigating a multimillion-dollar graft scheme within the country’s Public Health Ministry, in just the latest example of officials...

Venezuela Intelligence Chief Exposes Organized Crime Links in Maduro Govt

For the second time in six months, a former head of Venezuela’s military intelligence service has made major revelations about the links between President...
Most corruption cases in Argentina never reach the courts

Could an Argentina Version of CICIG Fix its Corruption Woes?

A conflict between federal prosecutors and judges overseeing high-level corruption cases in Argentina is generating calls for an independent international body to...

What Are Guatemala Presidential Candidates Planning on Security?

Guatemala will head to the polls on June 16 to elect a new president, a decision that is sure to have profound implications for the nation’s domestic security and...

Narco-Politics Cast Shadow on Honduran Presidents: Court Documents

Honduras’ most powerful drug trafficking organization, Los Cachiros, bribed the country’s former president and opened a line of communication to current...

Mexico’s Criminal Asset Forfeiture Plan Faces Teething Problems

Mexico's President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has promised to use assets seized from criminal actors to fund a wave of social spending. This novel shift of a...

What’s Behind the Killings of Mexico’s Mayors?

Cartel killings of mayors in Mexico have reached record numbers, but the motivations behind them are not as simple as “plata o plomo,” meaning silver or lead --...

Ex-Governor Bribed by Jalisco Cartel Tests Mexico’s Anti-Corruption Resolve

New US sanctions against a former Mexican state governor and a top magistrate for links to the Jalisco Cartel has showcased ongoing links between the upper echelons...