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Elites and Organized Crime

El Salvador is going to select a new Attorney General

Alleged Corruption Plagues Selection of El Salvador‘s Top Prosecutor

Several candidates for Attorney General in El Salvador, as well as some of the deputies responsible for selecting the position, have open cases pending, putting the...

Guatemala Elite’s Criminal Links Highlight Country’s Political Vulnerability

A representative of Central America's parliamentary institution from Guatemala has been linked to a criminal organization with longstanding ties to politicians and...
Expresidente de Honduras Porfirio Lobo

New Corruption Case More Trouble for Embattled Former Honduras President

A new investigation has involved Ramón Lobo Sosa, brother of former Honduras president Honduras Porfirio Lobo, in a corruption scheme that diverted funds from the...

Accusations Against Guatemala Deputy Minister Open New Questions About President’s Cabinet

The indictment of a senior Guatemalan government official concerning his alleged participation in police death squads has reopened deep questions about President...

3 Crime Factors Driving Northern Triangle Migrants Out

What causes thousands of migrants from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador to march through Mexico in a caravan toward the United States? Here are three...

Can Brazil’s Bolsonaro Deliver on Crime, Corruption Promises?

Brazil's presidential election resulted in the victory of far-right populist Jair Bolsonaro, who has promised to crush rampant crime and corruption with an iron...

Mexico Takes Down Mafia That Sold Low-Quality Food to Venezuela

The dismantling, in Mexico, of an international network that sold and shipped low-quality food to Venezuela can be added to the string of corruption investigations...

Guatemala Used Anti-Drug Resources for Political Monitoring

The revelation that Guatemala President Jimmy Morales ordered US resources intended for combatting drug trafficking to be shifted to monitoring anti-corruption...

Former Guatemala VP Sentenced to Jail Time on Corruption Charges

A prison sentence against a former Guatemala vice president on corruption charges is a long-awaited victory for prosecutors amid an ongoing battle that has pitted...

US Sanctions on Venezuela First Lady Solidify Country’s Mafia State Status

Recent US sanctions against four top Venezuela government officials and close collaborators, among them the country’s first lady, add new dimensions and further...

Notebooks and Plea Deals: New Weapons Against Corruption in Argentina?

The recent indictment of a former president as part of a larger anti-corruption investigation is the latest in a series of cases targeting Argentina's elites, but...

4 Consequences of Morales’ War With the CICIG in Guatemala

Guatemala President Jimmy Morales’ decision not to renew the mandate of the CICIG and to block reentry into the country of its leader, Commissioner Iván...