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A Death Foretold: MACCIH Shuts Down in Honduras

The announcement that a regional anti-corruption commission in Honduras will not continue marks the coup de grace for a body that had little chance of retaining its...

Was ‘Señor T’ One of Colombia’s Invisible Drug Traffickers?

Authorities have accused Luis Del Río Jiménez, alias “el Tío,” or “Señor T,” of being a major drug trafficker with Colombian underworld ties that date...

GameChangers 2019: As Venezuela Sinks, Maduro’s Criminal Ties Keep Him Afloat

Venezuela remained mired in crisis throughout 2019, yet Nicolás Maduro actually consolidated his regime. How did he do...

GameChangers 2019: Northern Triangle Countries to Fight Corruption Alone, if at All

The year 2019 saw the end of a brief golden era when local and international forces came together to fight state and private corruption in the Northern...

Guatemala’s New President Dogged by His Past and Security Challenges

Alejandro Giammattei assumes Guatemala's presidency facing various security challenges, including drug trafficking, impunity, institutional weakness and poor law...

Brazil’s Evangelical Gangs Waging War on Afro-Brazilian Religions

The Cabocla Jurema Umbanda Temple outside Brasilia was preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary in January. But, on Christmas Day, it was burned to the ground...

Los Pochos, Guatemala’s New Generation of Drug Runners for Sinaloa Cartel

The arrest of a mayor in Guatemala's northern department of San Marcos has unveiled a criminal structure known as "Los Pochos" which investigators see as heirs of...

Private Messages Further Link Honduras Elites to Berta Cáceres Murder

Recently published messages have offered fresh insight into the plot to murder renowned environmental activist Berta Cáceres in Honduras, laying bare how...
Juan Orlando Hernández, presidente de Honduras

What Fate Awaits MACCIH in Honduras?

The Honduran Congress has advised President Juan Orlando Hernández not to renew the mandate of the international anti-corruption mission that has helped to...

Landmark US Drug Trial Leaves Bloody Trail in Honduras

The director of a maximum-security prison in Honduras was brazenly murdered in broad daylight, in what was just the latest in a string of killings following the...

Tankers Go Dark to Help Venezuela Evade Oil Sanctions

Venezuela is using “invisible” tankers to secretly export its oil reserves, enabling a renewed uptick in exports that could help President Nicolás Maduro...

Will US Court Case Shine Light on Colombia’s Corrupt Emerald Industry?

The US court case of Horacio Triana, known as Colombia's "emerald czar," will focus on drug trafficking charges and is unlikely to shine a light on a complex web of...