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Imprisoned MS13 members

El Salvador Proposes First Ever Gang Rehabilitation Law

El Salvador's government is proposing a law that would be the first of its kind, offering support to gang members who elect to...
Raul Mijango speaking with gang members

El Salvador Gangs Want a Peace Process

El Salvador’s gangs have released a new statement promising to reduce violence, but with their top leaders back in a maximum security prison, it is worth asking...
Hato Hasbun

As Violence Rises, El Salvador Police Contradict Themselves

Amidst rising violence in El Salvador, a new problem has emerged: contradictory narratives from the...
Negotiator Fabio Colindres with an MS-13 member

How El Salvador’s Gang Truce Redefined the Geography of Violence

Homicide levels in El Salvador have slowly increased since the middle of 2013 and have reached levels similar to those of 2011. The country's gang truce is dead and...
Incarcerated leaders of El Salvador's MS13 gang

El Salvador Gangs Outline Political Motives of Violence

El Salvador's largest street gangs have indicated they wield sufficient power to influence the country's presidential elections, in a statement highlighting the...

‘We’re At War’ With Gangs: El Salvador Police Official

A top police official in El Salvador has advocated an aggressive stance against street gangs, but these hardline security policies will likely only increase...

El Salvador Stays Firm Against Gang Truce as Conflict Intensifies

In a clear sign that El Salvador has shelved another gang truce, government officials moved gang leaders into a maximum security prison, amidst more...
El Salvador Archbishop Jose Luis Escobar Alas

Catholic Church Appears Split on El Salvador Gang Truce

Contradicting statements by two high-ranking clergy members illustrate an apparent rift in the Catholic Church about whether to support El Salvador's latest...
Bishop Gregorio Rosa Chavez

El Salvador’s Catholic Church Talks of ‘Dialogue’ With Gangs

Representatives of the Catholic Church have opened dialogue with gang leaders in El Salvador, which could point to a wider swath of Church leaders willing to...
Raul Mijango

‘New Gang Truce’ Announced in El Salvador

El Salvador's gangs have reportedly committed to a new truce, which, if true, is apparently intended to show the government that the gangs exert major influence...
Government officials meet inmates at El Salvador's maximum-security prison

El Salvador Moves Gang Leaders Back to Max-Security Prison

Several months after the demise of El Salvador's 2012 gang truce, leaders of the country's most powerful street gangs are being moved back into maximum-security...
Three alleged gang members arrested for homicide

El Salvador Homicides Skyrocket After Gang Truce Unravels

Following the collapse of a controversial gang truce, El Salvador saw homicides spike by 57 percent in 2014. Now that the president has come out against reinstating...