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An alleged member of the Mara Salvatrucha gang

El Salvador Govt Helped Strengthen Gangs: Gang Leader

In an interview with investigative news website El Faro, an unidentified gang leader asserts that El Salvador's political parties offered gang leaders special...
MS13 and Barrio 18 spokesmen called for an end to homicides

El Salvador Gang Leaders Order End to Killing

Purported gang leaders in El Salvador have instructed rank and file members to stop committing homicides, but it's unclear if the gangs possess the organizational...

El Salvador Gang Boss had Close Contact with Govt Officials: Report

An ongoing trial in El Salvador has included assertions that a gang leader was in regular contact with politicians and other government officials, even though...
William Brownfield

US Official: El Salvador Violence May be Linked to Gang Truce

During congressional testimony on Central American insecurity, a top US drug official intimated a controversial gang truce could be to blame for El Salvador's...
Imprisoned members of the Barrio 18 gang

Assessing El Salvador’s Gangs in a Post-Truce Context

Violence in El Salvador has skyrocketed during 2015. Although it is unclear to just what extent they are responsible for the bloodshed, an undeniable driver of this...
Raul Mijango with 2 gang leaders

Promoter of Talks with El Salvador’s Gangs Loses Faith (Part 2)

The following is part two of El Faro's interview with Raul Mijango. In the interview, Mijango -- a former guerrilla turned politician turned gang negotiator --...
Raul Mijango, key promoter of the El Salvador gang truce

Promoter of Talks with El Salvador’s Gangs Loses Faith (Part 1)

The name “Raul Mijango” annoys a significant portion of society, but an undeniable fact remains: few people know Salvadoran gangs as well as him. The public...
Leaders from MS 13 and Barrio 18 gangs

El Salvador Govt Warns of Unified Super Gang: Report

El Salvador's government has reportedly warned that the MS13 and Barrio 18 are planning to unite and create a super gang, but these fears are likely...
El Salvador's gangs want a new truce

Should El Salvador Renew the Gang Truce?

The conclusions of a recent study examining the outcomes of gang truces in Latin America suggest a new peace agreement between the Barrio 18 and MS13 in El Salvador...
Military truck under heavy guard

El Salvador Govt, Gangs Locked in Deadly Game of Chicken

A gang-enforced transportation strike in El Salvador has now left seven bus drivers dead, raising doubts about how long the government can refuse to meet the...
Salvadorans climb onto a pickup truck during the bus strike

Gang-Enforced Bus Strike Increases Pressure on El Salvador Govt

El Salvador’s gangs have reportedly enforced a transportation strike, paralyzing capital city San Salvador as they attempt to push the government into a new round...

El Salvador Gangs Call for a Renewed Truce

In a letter addressed to government officials, gang leaders in El Salvador have called for the reinstatement of a gang truce, challenging the government's hardline...