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Jose Juan Esparragoza Jimenez

Is ‘El Azul’ Dead? Sinaloa Capo’s Son Adds to Mexico’s New Narco-Conspiracy

The captured son of Sinaloa Cartel leader "El Azul" has testified his father is dead, but his statement is unlikely to stamp out rumors the drug lord is still alive...
Juan Jose Esparragoza Moreno, alias "El Azul"

Sinaloa Cartel Leader ‘El Azul’ Dead? ‘El Mayo’ Now In Control?

The Sinaloa Cartel has reportedly lost "El Azul," one of its two remaining leaders, as well as another key member running operations in northern Mexico, although so...
Alleged Sinaloa Cartel member Hugo Cuellar Hurtado

US Treasury Keeps Pressure on Sinaloa Cartel After ‘El Chapo’ Arrest

The US Treasury has added an alleged Sinaloa Cartel member linked to drug lord Juan Jose "El Azul" Esparragoza Moreno to its Kingpin List, as the authorities...

US Treasury Continues Campaign Against the Sinaloa Cartel’s ‘El Azul’

The US Treasury has added one commercial entity and three individuals to the “Kingpin List” for their links to Sinaloa Cartel head Juan Jose Esparragoza Moreno,...

US Adds Family of Sinaloa Boss ‘El Azul’ to Kingpin List

The US Treasury has added nine organizations and 10 individuals to the “Kingpin List” for their links to Sinaloa Cartel head Juan Jose Esparragoza Moreno, alias...

Mexico Nearly Captures Elusive Capo, Avoiding Election ‘Game-Changer’

One of Mexico’s foremost traffickers narrowly avoided capture by federal forces earlier this month, fueling speculation that the government is pursuing a major...

Despite US Claims, Chapo Guzman is no Osama bin Laden

Janet Napolitano ruffled feathers by comparing Mexican capo Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman to Osama bin Laden, and indeed the two men are not in the same league,...