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Police Announce Record Eco-Trafficking Raid in Mexico

Mexico police announced the results of a three-day raid intended to crack down on wildlife trafficking, reports Reuters. In a nation-wide sweep, police recovered...

Belize May Begin Patrolling Guatemalan Border

Belize's ambassador to Guatemala has said that the Belize military may begin patrolling the Guatemalan side of the border in order to better combat a "spillover" of...

Global Financial Integrity – ‘Transnational Crime in the Developing World’

Global Financial Integrity, a branch of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for International Policy, released a new report today entitled "Transnational Crime in the...

Gordon Ramsay Goes Shark Fin Fishing

Chef Gordon Ramsay, the backbiting Brit who spends most his days on his television show "Hell's Kitchen" ripping apart poorly trained sous-chefs, showed a more...

10,000 Animals Rescued in Interpol Operation in Colombia

In a two-month operation with Interpol, Colombian police rescued 10,000 animals as part of an offensive against eco traffickers in the...

Criminals Control Mercury Mines in Cordoba

Emerging Criminal Groups or BACRIM's are overrunning mercury mines in Córdoba and Antioquia, President Juan Manuel Santos announced. The mines are contaminated the...

New Trade for Traffickers: Cattle Rustling

Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO) like Mexico's La Familia, is entering the cattle rustling business, according to a lengthy article in El Universal. The...