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Deforestation of the Amazon poses serious risks

How to Cut Deforestation of Brazil’s Amazon to Zero

How a seemingly audacious goal to protect the Amazon makes economic...
Israel Alvarado (right) speaking at the conference

Mexico Seeks New Approach to Tackling Environmental Crime

Authorities in Mexico have called for legal reforms that would link environmental and organized crime, a measure which -- if adopted -- could lead to a significant...
Legally harvested wood in Brazil

Brazil Policy Not Enough to Combat Wood Trafficking: Report

A recent newspaper report describes how a government strategy meant to combat illegal logging in Brazil -- via the creation of special zones where private companies...

Inside Guatemala’s Animal Trafficking Trade

"The great green macaw is extinct in the wild. It only exists in captivity now," says Fernando Martinez, director of the ARCAS wildlife rescue center, as he walks...
Shark fin soup is a delicacy in China

How China Fuels Wildlife Trafficking in Latin America

China's demand for rare and exotic goods is fueling wildlife trafficking in Latin America -- and organized crime is ready to cash...
A shark being "finned"

Industrial-scale ‘Shark Finning’ in Ecuador

Officials in Ecuador have reported a large number of shark fins seized over the past month, a development that suggests an industrial-scale practice of “shark...
A wildlife official inspects a monkey

How Eco-Trafficking Operates at Local Peru Markets

A BBC report on wildlife markets in Peru illustrates how eco-trafficking works at the micro-level and how local and international demand, along with economic...
Brazilian police in the country's Amazon region

75% of Killings of Environmentalists Occur in LatAm: Report

Over 75 percent of all environmentalists killed in 2014 were from either Central or South America, according to a new report, illustrating the high level of danger...
Around 80% of logging in Brazil is illegal

Brazil Creates New Specialist Unit to Combat Illegal Logging

The Brazilian government has launched a new anti-logging security force unit in an attempt to tackle a lucrative criminal trade that has turned Brazil into one of...
Land traffickers often rely on corruption

How Corruption Feeds Land Trafficking in Latin America

Recent cases involving the illegal appropriation and sale of lands in Peru and Brazil highlight how lucrative land trafficking can be in Latin America, and how it...
The rosewood seized in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Seizes Record Shipment of Honduran Wood

Authorities in Hong Kong have seized rosewood from Honduras in what is reportedly the largest seizure of protected wood in the last ten years, highlighting how the...
Illegal logging in Peru is facilitated by poor controls

How Poor Controls Facilitate Peru’s Illegal Logging

As the United Nations climate change conference wraps up in Lima, one newspaper in Peru has given a breakdown of how faulty controls facilitate the country's...