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GFI estimates transnational crime to be a multi-trillion dollar industry annually.

Governments Must Go After the Money to Combat Transnational Crime: Report

A new report estimates that transnational crime in the developing world may be a multi-trillion dollar annual business, generating huge illicit financial flows that...
Brazil's Minister of the Environment, Sarney Filho

Brazil Launches Program to Trace Illegal Logging in Amazon

Authorities in Brazil have announced a new strategy to reduce illegal logging and timber trafficking in the Amazon, but the plan is likely to face serious obstacles...
Land activists are more likely to be killed in Honduras than anywhere else in the world.

Report Reveals Intersection of Development Projects, Organized Crime in Honduras

A new report by the watchdog group Global Witness suggests that state institutions co-opted by business and political elites helped transform Honduras into the...
Indigenous environmental activist Isidro Baldenegro López

Mexico Activist’s Murder Highlights Environmental Threat of Organized Crime

The murder in Mexico of indigenous activist and human rights defender Isidro Baldenegro López highlights the inevitablity of deadly collisions between...
Slain activist Berta Cáceres

High Profile Honduras Murder Case File Stolen

In an incredible turn of events, the case file in the murder of Honduras' activist Berta Cáceres was apparently stolen, leaving the government and the...
Hundreds of jaguar's teeth have been seized in Bolivia

Chinese Smugglers Driving Up Jaguar Killings in Bolivia

The trafficking of jaguar teeth from Bolivia's natural parks to China has sparked worries that Asian smugglers are boosting this illegal...
Exotic birds are among the most trafficked animals

Colombia Investigation Reveals Workings of Wildlife Traffickers

Authorities in Colombia say they have dismantled the largest wildlife trafficking ring ever discovered in the country, lifting the veil on the shadowy networks...
The totoaba fish is endemic to Mexico

‘Narco Fish’ Trafficking Easy Money for Mexico Criminals

The illegal trafficking of a fish endemic to Mexico's waters is reportedly a low-risk trade that is generating huge profits for criminal organizations looking to...
Berta Cáceres, a Honduras environmental defender murdered in March

LatAm Among Deadliest Regions for Land Activists: Report

A new report documents 2015 as the worst year on record for murders of land and environmental defenders. Latin American countries were among the most dangerous for...
Illegal logging in Peru

Drug Traffickers Laundered $250 Million in 2015: Peru Official

A top government official in Peru said drug trafficking organizations laundered $250 million last year, while Peruvian and US authorities highlighted the key...
Timber trafficking in Peru

LatAm Eco-Traffickers Thrive Off High Profits and Low Risk

An environmental group has accused Peru's government of cutting short the term of its top forestry official because his agency charged with protecting the country's...
A burst oil pipeline in Colombia

LatAm’s Top 5 Criminal Industries that Damage the Environment

As world leaders congregate in Paris to discuss how to address global climate change, InSight Crime highlights five criminal industries that are causing enormous...