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US Calls for Closer Anti-Drug Work with Bolivia

The director of the U.S. Narcotics Affairs Section (NAS) office in Bolivia has called for the two countries to work together in the fight against...

Latin America, Europe Sign Anti-Drug Agreement

Countries in the G8 group of industrialized nations, together with a number of countries in Latin America and Africa which are affected by the cocaine trade, agreed...

Bolivia Cites Anti-Coca Efforts

Security forces have eradicated over 3,200 hectares of coca in Bolivia so far this year, reports national newspaper La Razon. This is a record eradication rate for...

Bin Laden, the Drug War and the Kingpin Strategy

The death of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan reminds us that the U.S.’s priority in the fight against criminal groups is to capture or kill their leaders. But is the...

The Changing Face of Security Cooperation in the Andes

After Ecuador and the U.S. dismissed each others’ ambassadors last week, the future of diplomatic relations between the two countries looks bleak once again. This...

US War on Drugs Was… Wrong?

“We were wrong,” admitted William Brownfiled, according to La Jornada, in reference to the U.S. approach on the so-called "war on drugs." Brownfield, the...

UN: Cocaine Use Up in Latin America, Pill-Popping Up in US

Drug use in several Latin American countries, including Mexico, is rising significantly, said a new report by the United Nations International Narcotics Control...

Mexican Authorities Vow to Continue Anti-Drug Policy, Regardless of California Referendum

Officials in Mexico have announced that they will continue their current counter-narcotic strategy, regardless of the status of California’s Proposition 19, the...