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Over 500 Dominican Police, Soldiers Dismissed for Drug Ties in 5 Years

More than 500 Dominican officials have been purged from the country’s police and military in the last five years for ties to drug trafficking groups, a worrying...
Caribair owner Rafael Rosado Fermin

Drug Arrests in Dominican Show Troubling Commercial-Military Ties

Anti-narcotics authorities in the Dominican Republic announced they had dismantled a drug trafficking ring that used commercial airplanes to smuggle cocaine from...
Coast Guard officials in Florida unload seized cocaine in March 2012

US Senators Warn of Potential ‘Security Crisis’ in Caribbean

A new United States Senate report argues that the Caribbean faces a potential security crisis, and that the US must take action to prevent a future increase in drug...
Dominican authorities announce the seizure of 1.5 tons of cocaine

Dominican Republic Seizes 1.5 Tons of Cocaine

Officials in the Dominican Republic seized more than 1.5 tons of cocaine bound for the United States, bringing the total amount of cocaine seized in the country in...

Dominican Official Blames Drug Woes on Foreign Criminal Groups

A top anti-narcotics official in the Dominican Republic has claimed that foreign mafias and cartels are at fault for the Dominican Republic’s drug...

US-Funded Naval Base Stirs Controversy in Dominican Republic

Plans for a US-funded naval station on an island off the coast of the Dominican Republic have sparked a controversy over sovereignty and natural resource...

Puerto Rican Drug Lord Captured in Dominican Republic

Dominican authorities have announced the arrest of Miguel Rivera Diaz, alias "Bolo," one of Puerto Rico's most wanted drug...

Dominican Republic, Mexico Sign Security Agreement

In an effort to battle organized crime, the governments of Mexico and the Dominican Republic have signed a new security treaty, agreeing to share intelligence on...

US Predicts Return to Caribbean Drug Trafficking Routes

A State Department official predicts that over the next few years traffickers will increasingly return to using the Caribbean to smuggle drugs into the...

Dominican Republic Anti-Drug Official Slain in Capital

The Dominican Republic’s top drug official vowed to continue his agency’s fight against organized crime and drug trafficking after his deputy was gunned down in...

Puerto Ricans Accused of Hired Killings in Dominican Republic

The trial of nine suspected Puerto Rican hitmen, accused of at least five gangland murders, has begun in the Dominican...

Dominican President Asks for More US Anti-Drug Aid

The president of the Dominican Republic called on the U.S. to increase anti-drug trafficking aid to the island nation, which is in need of more technical equipment...