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Captured 'Nrangheta mafioso Nicola Pignatelli (center)

Dominican Republic Capture Points to Growing Italy Mafia Influence

Authorities in the Dominican Republic have arrested a key operative from Italy's 'Ndrangheta mafia who was allegedly developing a cocaine trafficking route,...
Police display 7 ton cocaine haul in Cartagena

Caribbean Cocaine Trafficking Continues Rise: US Officials

The proportion of drugs trafficked through the Caribbean has more than tripled in the space of five years, according to US officials, adding weight to the...
Dominican anti-drugs chief Julio Souffront

Dominican Republic Police Corruption Sign of Booming Drug Market

Anti-drugs police in the Dominican Republic have revealed how a micro-trafficking network paid local cops over $100,000 in bribes each month, showing how the...
A Dominican official displays the latest drug haul

Dominican Republic Heading For Record Annual Drug Seizures

Authorities in the Dominican Republic have declared they are on course to break the record drug seizures made in 2012, in a further sign of the growing importance...
Dominican Republic crime scene

Dominican Republic: Chronicle of an Unreported Death

While homicide rates in the Dominican Republic are middle of the road compared to the rest of the region, deaths are highly concentrated and hidden in poor sectors...
Dominican authorities excavate the underground lab

‘Biggest Caribbean drug lab’ busted in Dominican Republic

Authorities in the Dominican Republic have discovered a drug lab described as the largest ever found in the Caribbean, supporting suggestions that the Caribbean is...
Dominican police face consistent accusations of corruption

Purge, Arrest, Investigation Highlight Corruption in Dominican Republic

Authorities in the Dominican Republic have arrested an ex-soldier on drugs charges, forcibly retired 68 police officers for misconduct, and re-opened a money...
Haitian migrants trying to reach Isla Mona

Dominican People Smugglers Trafficked Cubans to Puerto Rico

Authorities in the Dominican Republic have broken up a people smuggling ring that moved Cubans to Puerto Rico, highlighting how criminal groups are cashing in on...
Jamaica gangs like Shower Posse have political roots

How Caribbean Organized Crime is Replacing the State

In Caribbean locations like the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, criminal groups have established clear-cut alliances with political parties and sectors of the...
A military patrol in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Military Patrol Streets To Fight Crime

The Dominican military has begun patrolling the streets alongside the country's police force in an effort to reduce high crime levels, a move sure to feed concerns...
Deportees arriving to the Dominican Republic

US Deports Over 500 Dominicans on Drug Charges in 2013

During the first five months of 2013, the US has deported 511 Dominican nationals on drug charges, a significant increase from the same time period last year and...
Haitian children beg on the streets of Santa Domingo

Dominican Police Dismantle Haitian Child Trafficking Ring

Police in the Dominican Republic have broken up a criminal operation that smuggled in children from Haiti then forced them to beg on the streets, highlighting a...