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Carlos Cota Lama, the leader of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD)

Dominican Republic Politician Warns of Criminal Influence in Politics

The head of a major political party in the Dominican Republic has become the latest high-profile figure to denounce the influence of organized crime in the...
Dominican Republic Armed Forces

Dominican Military Accused of Trafficking Arms from US Suppliers

High ranking members of the Dominican Republic security forces have been arrested for arms trafficking in a case that reveals how corrupt networks of officials...

Faux Pax? A Look at the Dominican Republic’s Plunging Murder Rate

The Dominican Republic is boasting its lowest murder rates in years, but these figures could merely be concealing a larger threat from more sophisticated...
DNCD officers display seized drugs

Dominican Republic Claims Drug Traffickers Turning to Haiti

Officials in the Dominican Republic assert drug traffickers are now diverting shipments to neighboring Haiti, a suspicious claim that nonetheless highlights larger...
National Drug Council President Fidias Aristy

Extradition Helps Narcos Legalize Assets: Dominican Republic Official

The head of the Dominican Republic's anti-drug coordinating agency has criticized his country's extradition treaty with the United States for allowing drug...

Stalled Corruption Case in Dominican Republic Sparks Outrage

The recent acquittal of a senator accused of embezzling over $100 million has sparked protests in the Dominican Republic and a "crisis of faith" in the country's...
Courtroom sketch of Ralph Mata

Six Ways a DTO Used a Miami Police Lieutenant

Former Miami Police Lieutenant Ralph Mata's involvement in drug and arms trafficking, as well as money laundering, shows just how important a high-ranking policeman...
National District chief prosecutor Yeni Berenice

‘Police Involved in 90% of Dominican Republic Organized Crime Cases’

A top-level prosecutor in the Dominican Republic said the military and police are involved in 90 percent of organized crime cases, putting a hard number to official...

Dominican Republic Drags Feet on Investigating Narco’s Claims

The Dominican Republic Attorney General's Office said there are no plans to investigate allegations that a convicted drug trafficker financed the campaign of a...
Quirino Ernesto Paulino Castillo

Dominican Narco Alleges Ex-President Took Drug Money

One of the Dominican Republic's most notorious drug traffickers has claimed he financed the political campaigns of former president Leonel Fernandez in new...
Dominican woman accuses police of bribery

Dominican Trafficker Claims Police Collusion in Drug Trade: Video

An admitted drug trafficker in the Dominican Republic claimed several police agencies charged her a fee to sell drugs, an accusation that comes just days after...
DICAN chief Carlos Fernandez Valerio (center)

Dominican Anti-Drug Chief Accused of Stealing Cocaine

The head of the Dominican Republic's anti-narcotics police has been charged with stealing over a ton of cocaine, leading to allegations that the institution is so...