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National District chief prosecutor Yeni Berenice

‘Police Involved in 90% of Dominican Republic Organized Crime Cases’

A top-level prosecutor in the Dominican Republic said the military and police are involved in 90 percent of organized crime cases, putting a hard number to official...

Dominican Republic Drags Feet on Investigating Narco’s Claims

The Dominican Republic Attorney General's Office said there are no plans to investigate allegations that a convicted drug trafficker financed the campaign of a...
Quirino Ernesto Paulino Castillo

Dominican Narco Alleges Ex-President Took Drug Money

One of the Dominican Republic's most notorious drug traffickers has claimed he financed the political campaigns of former president Leonel Fernandez in new...
Dominican woman accuses police of bribery

Dominican Trafficker Claims Police Collusion in Drug Trade: Video

An admitted drug trafficker in the Dominican Republic claimed several police agencies charged her a fee to sell drugs, an accusation that comes just days after...
DICAN chief Carlos Fernandez Valerio (center)

Dominican Anti-Drug Chief Accused of Stealing Cocaine

The head of the Dominican Republic's anti-narcotics police has been charged with stealing over a ton of cocaine, leading to allegations that the institution is so...
A Chilean border crossing

Smugglers Moving Dominicans From Bolivia to Chile

Authorities in Bolivia have identified a network of Peruvian coyotes dedicated to smuggling Dominicans into Chile, highlighting how economic changes have spurred...
A victim of police killings in the Dominican Republic

Police Killings Increasing in Dominican Republic Despite Promises: AI

Killings perpetrated by police in the Dominican Republic rose by 13 percent in the first half of 2014, according to Amnesty International, highlighting the...
Journalist Pedro Fernandez's car after the attack

‘Drug Gang’ Attacks on Dominican Republic Journalist Highlight Organized Crime Threat

A recent series of attacks against a journalist in the Dominican Republic illustrates the tactics used to silence those investigating the drug trade in the country,...
The Dominican Republic's national police force

Ex-Police Contract Killers in Dominican Republic: Inspector General

An official in the Dominican Republic stated that the majority the country's contract killings involve former police officers, revealing not just the extent of...
Captured 'Nrangheta mafioso Nicola Pignatelli (center)

Dominican Republic Capture Points to Growing Italy Mafia Influence

Authorities in the Dominican Republic have arrested a key operative from Italy's 'Ndrangheta mafia who was allegedly developing a cocaine trafficking route,...
Police display 7 ton cocaine haul in Cartagena

Caribbean Cocaine Trafficking Continues Rise: US Officials

The proportion of drugs trafficked through the Caribbean has more than tripled in the space of five years, according to US officials, adding weight to the...
Dominican anti-drugs chief Julio Souffront

Dominican Republic Police Corruption Sign of Booming Drug Market

Anti-drugs police in the Dominican Republic have revealed how a micro-trafficking network paid local cops over $100,000 in bribes each month, showing how the...