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A religious message in Soyapango, El Salvador

El Salvador Families Displaced by Gangs

Three families from Soyapango, a municipality on the edge of El Salvador's capital, San Salvador, have been forced from their homes by gangs, in another indication...
Violence has displaced thousands of Mexicans

Sinaloa Town Displaced by ‘Zetas’ Threats

Around 200 families in the state of Sinaloa have been forced to flee their homes due to death threats from a criminal group allegedly linked to the Zetas, adding to...
Internally displaced first need Mexico govt recognition

Mexico Govt Inches Towards Recognizing Displaced

Mexico's government has pledged to focus renewed efforts on supporting the estimated 230,000 victims displaced by the country's violence last year, as international...
Colombia has the world's largest internally displace population

Colombia Leads the World in Displacement Due to Conflict and Organized Crime

Colombia continues to have the world's largest internally displaced population, according to the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center (IDMC), with hundreds of...

‘The Mafia’s Shadow’ Highlights the Human Rights Consequences of Organized Crime

In April of this year, InSight Crime, with financing from the non-governmental organization Internews, met with journalists from four online news media...
San Jose de los Hornos, Mexico following displacement

Organized Crime Fueling Displacement in Central America

Researchers from the International Center for Migrant Human Rights (CIDEHUM) say that organized crime and violence have overtaken armed conflict as the main...
Abandoned house in El Salvador

The Legion of the Displaced

In the suburbs of El Salvador, in neighborhoods stained by Mara Salvatrucha or Barrio 18 graffiti, there are hundreds of abandoned, decaying houses. These houses...
Forced displacement in Colombia

The New Face of Forced Displacement in Latin America

Forced displacement has a long history in Latin America. For decades - and even centuries in some countries - entire villages, families and individuals have sought...
Displaced in Colombia

The Stampede of Fear

They say that during the worst times, between 1999 and 2002, when right-wing paramilitaries who went by their acronym the AUC carried out their violent assault in...
San Jose de los Hornos in the Sierra Madre

The Displaced of Sinaloa

From September 2011 to February 2012, hundreds of families fled the Sierra Madre in Sinaloa state after criminal gangs killed locals and burnt their houses to the...

Running From Your Own Shadow

The Peten province in Guatemala is a vast territory, so big you could fit the neighboring countries of Belize and El Salvador inside it. But despite its size, there...

Thousands Displaced in Medellin

In Colombia there are reports by El Tiempo that the urban violence in Medellin has displaced at least 1,870 people so far this year. Those are only the...