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‘Gangs Displace Dozens of Families in El Salvador’

According to media reports in El Salvador, dozens of families abandoned their homes in a small coastal town due to threats from the MS13 gang, an example of how...
Members of Colombia's guerrilla group FARC

UN Measures Colombia’s Conflict During Peace Talks

A new United Nations report provides some sense of the scale of Colombia's conflict since rebel group the FARC began peace talks with the government in 2012, as...
A family flees gang-security force clashes in Rio

Internal Displacement in Brazil: An Inconvenient Truth?

As Brazil works to project the image of a nation that is effectively addressing security challenges in its major cities, one important indicator -- internal...
A displaced family living in makeshift housing in Sinaloa

Mexico’s Internally Displaced An Invisible Problem: Report

Hundreds of thousands of people in Mexico have been internally displaced due to violence perpetrated by organized crime groups but the majority have yet to receive...
Latin America and the Caribbean is world's most violent region

Criminal Evolution and Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean

Why is Latin America and the Caribbean so violent? InSight Crime Co-director Steven Dudley gave his answer at a recent conference on organized crime and...
Child migrants are heading north to the US

‘No place for children’: Central America’s Youth Exodus

Rival politicians, and some press accounts, blame what they call the Obama administration’s lenient policy towards immigrant youth for luring thousands of...
Drug cartels often drive displacement in Mexico

The New Wave: Organized Crime and Displacement in Mexico and Central America

Violence from organized crime groups is forcibly displacing hundreds of thousands of people in Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Honduras...
Internally displaced people at a makeshift camp in Bogota

Pacific Coast Criminal Wars Driving Displacement in Colombia

Two recent reports on internal displacement in Colombia have identified regions wracked by criminal disputes as the areas most affected by this phenomenon,...
A surge in unaccompanied child migrants is predicted in 2014

Unaccompanied Child Migrants and the Central America Exodus

The United States is seeing a flood of migrants -- many of them unaccompanied children -- from Central America, despite economic conditions leading to lower...
Public works in Queretaro, Mexico

Mexico Businesses Fleeing Violence Creates Economic Disparity

Insecurity in Mexico's northern states has prompted a flow of business migration to other areas of Mexico, demonstrating the internal economic effects crime can...
Mass displacement at La Loma in Medellin

The Nomad Victims: Intra-urban Displacement in Medellin

For some, it is their association with an enemy gang. For others, it is their community work. Some flee sexual abuse, forced recruitment, or extortion. But...
Colombia has the world's highest number of displaced people

BACRIM Displacement Victims Win Legal Recognition in Colombia

Colombia's Constitutional Court has decreed that the National Victim's Registry must cover people displaced by the BACRIM, marking a victory for the thousands...