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Map by IDMC showing estimates of internally displaced people in various countries

Criminal Violence Has Displaced Millions in Latin America: Report

A newly released report highlights the central role crime plays in driving displacement and migration in Latin America, estimating that violence linked to criminal...

Guatemala Arrests Alleged Leader of Mendoza Criminal Clan

Guatemalan authorities arrested an important member of the Mendoza clan, the second big blow in 17 months inflicted on a family ranked among the country's criminal...
Central American migrants riding the "Train of Death"

Crime, Violence Driving Migration from Central America: Reports

Several new reports highlight crime and violence as key factors driving large numbers of Central American citizens to migrate to the United States, suggesting...
Residents were recently displaced from El Bagre, Antioquia by conflict between armed groups.

Internal Displacement Decreases Dramatically in Colombia

The number of internally displaced persons (IDP) in Colombia decreased dramatically in 2015, but territorial disputes in the criminal world may mean the end of...
US Secretary of State, John Kerry

US Recognizes Dangers CentAm Migrants Face Traveling North

The United States will increase the number of refugees it accepts who are fleeing rampant violence in Central America's Northern Triangle region, in recognition of...

How Violence, Crime Drives Migration from Colombia to Chile

A new barrier to Latin American integration has emerged in northern Chile. People who wish to reach this southern nation are increasingly confronted by xenophobia,...

Drug Violence Fueling Displacement in Guerrero, Mexico

How drug violence turned one municipality in Mexico's turbulent southwest state of Guerrero into a ghost...
Makeshift homes of IDPs in Mexico

Mexico Govt Ignoring Internal Displacement: Report

A new report states that organized crime remains a major source of internal displacement in Mexico, but experts and victims say the government continues to ignore...
Gang members in El Salvador

Record Violence and Displacement Echoes El Salvador’s War Zone Past

El Salvador experienced the most violent month since the country's civil war in August, which alongside reports of forced displacement by gang members suggest the...
Child migrants on top of a freight train

Surge of Detainees in Mexico Suggests Violence Still Fueling Child Migration

The number of Central American child migrants detained in Mexico increased by nearly 50 percent during the first part of 2015, suggesting high levels of gang...
Colombia has the second highest number of IDPs

Colombia Home to Over 15 Percent of World’s Internally Displaced Population

An estimated 12 percent of Colombia's population has been displaced as a result of violence perpetrated by guerrilla groups and criminal organizations, making it...

Images of Displacement in Honduras’ Most Violent City

It's Honduras' industrial capital and second most important city. Nevertheless, national and international organizations say it's among the most violent places in...