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Colombia’s Former FARC Fighters Abandon Reincorporation Camps

The relocation of entire communities of former FARC fighters and their families is becoming commonplace in Colombia, highlighting the government’s inability to...

Will Officials Finally Admit Scale of Mexico’s Forced Displacement Crisis?

New figures have revealed the full extent of how violence has displaced hundreds of thousands of Mexicans in the last decade, and how this national crisis has been...

Battles Between Former FARC Groups Displace Hundreds in Colombia

Hundreds of citizens in a key drug trafficking region of southern Colombia have been forced to flee their homes amid increased fighting between rival criminal...

Mass Displacements in Colombia Illustrate New Dynamics of Criminal Violence

Fighting between criminal groups in Colombia displaced more than 1,000 people in just four days, signaling a new generation of conflict-related displacement...
What is the collateral damage of violence in Mexico?

Is the Impact of Violence in Mexico Similar to War Zones?

The impact that drug-related violence has on citizens in Mexico is similar to what people living through war experience, according to the president of the Red...
Mass displacements have risen in 2017

Mass Displacements on the Rise as Colombia’s War Recedes

Monitoring groups in Colombia say the number of mass displacements in the country has increased in 2017 despite the end of the conflict between the state and the...
Colombia now has the largest number of internally displaced people

Conflict, Violence Continue to Drive Displacement in Latin America: Report

A newly released annual report on global internal displacement again highlights how crime and violence contribute to displacement and migration in Latin America,...
The state has not yet occupied all areas left behind by the FARC guerrillas

Colombia Prematurely Claims Victory in Fight for Former FARC Turf

Colombia's Defense Minister has declared that the state has "already won" the battle to occupy the territories being left behind by the FARC guerrillas as the...
Forced displacement by crime groups has affected many Mexico communities

Forced Displacement in Mexico: The Hidden Toll of the War

Mexico's violence-induced forced displacement crisis is only beginning. Almost a third of the country's municipalities have fewer inhabitants than they did before...
Migrants in Costa Rica

Fleeing Gang Violence, El Salvador Migrants Head South

A new report says an increasing number of Central Americans are fleeing south to escape gang violence and seeking asylum in Costa Rica, a dynamic which may be...
Central American migrants

Organized Crime Fuels Rising Northern Triangle Displacement: UN

A new United Nations report highlights skyrocketing rates of forced displacement in Central America's Northern Triangle region, attributing the trend in...
Displacement is growing in Colombia according to a new report

Displacement Rising as Colombia’s Conflict Moves Into New Phase

Monitoring groups say displacement in Colombia is once again rising, a trend likely linked to clashes between armed groups positioning themselves to capitalize on...