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Colombian ‘Narco-Wives’ Arrested in Argentina

Argentine authorities have dismantled a drug trafficking ring which allegedly involved the ex-wives of two major Colombian drug traffickers, underscoring the...

Who Will Fill the Power Void in Colombia’s Eastern Plains?

A power void has emerged in Colombia's Eastern Plains, where guerrillas and paramilitaries have long ruled in lawless tracts of territory, and traffickers fight for...

ERPAC Hierarchy Points to No Clear Successor

A chart (pdf) released by Colombian Police identifies the remaining levels of the drug-smuggling group the Popular Revolutionary Antiterrorist Army of Colombia...

Police Operation Against Cuchillo

This video from the Colombian National Police shows operation codenamed "Diamond," which was designed to kill or capture Pedro Guerrero Castillo, alias...

Who Will Take Over the ERPAC without ‘Cuchillo’?

With the death of Pedro Guerrero Castillo, alias "Cuchillo," and the arrest of his number two, Harold Humberto Rojas, alias "Loco Harold," the Popular Revolutionary...

Colombian Police: ‘Cuchillo’ is Dead

Colombia's Police say they have killed one of Colombia’s top drug traffickers, Pedro Guerrero Castillo, alias "Cuchillo," or "Knife," in a shootout in the eastern...

Another Prison Scandal in Colombia as Woman Found in Capo’s Cell

Colombia's prison authorities faced more questions after a woman was found in the jail cell of an ex-paramilitary leader in the high security wing of a Bogota...