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Haitian migrants trying to reach Isla Mona

Dominican People Smugglers Trafficked Cubans to Puerto Rico

Authorities in the Dominican Republic have broken up a people smuggling ring that moved Cubans to Puerto Rico, highlighting how criminal groups are cashing in on...

Canadians Among Most Common Sex Tourists in Cuba: Investigation

Canadian men are among the most common customers of child prostitutes in Cuba, according to a newspaper investigation which highlights the difficulties of tackling...
The insignia of Cuba's border patrol

Cuba Drug Seizures Fall 66% in 2012

Cuban authorities reported seizing over three tons of drugs last year, representing a return to the average amount of drugs confiscated annually in Cuba, after 2011...
Raul Castro at the CELAC conference

Castro Calls for ‘Blood and Fire’ Against Drug Trade

Cuban President Raul Castro urged fellow Latin American leaders to follow Cuba's tough anti-drug policies, saying he would not rule out the death penalty for...

Cuba Drug Seizures Plummet in 2012

Cuban authorities reported seizing less than 1.5 tons of drugs in the first five months of 2012, a large drop from last year's record high of 9...
Coast Guard officials in Florida unload seized cocaine in March 2012

US Senators Warn of Potential ‘Security Crisis’ in Caribbean

A new United States Senate report argues that the Caribbean faces a potential security crisis, and that the US must take action to prevent a future increase in drug...

Money Laundering Task Force Critiques Bolivia, Cuba

Cuba and Bolivia have been mentioned on the Financial Action Task Force's (FATF) list of countries with "strategic deficiencies" in the fight against money...

UN: Violence, Gang Activity on the Rise in Caribbean

A new UN report paints an alarming picture of the crime surge in the Caribbean, a trend that may escalate if drug trafficking groups come under increasing pressure...

Drug Fight Builds US-Cuba Bridges

Fighting drug trafficking is one of the few issues where the US and Cuba actually collaborate, albeit on a small scale, though the true extent of drug smuggling on...

Cuban Authorities Seized Over 9 Tons Of Drugs in 2011

Cuba seized more than 9 tons of drugs in 2011, marking a 300 percent increase compared to...

Russia to Build AK-47 Bullet Factory in Cuba

Russia is planning to build a factory to manufacture bullets for AK-47 rifles in Cuba, according to Russian...

Cuba, Jamaica to Cooperate Against Trafficking

Top Jamaican security officials will meet with their Cuban counterparts to strengthen anti-narcotics cooperation between the two...