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Drugs seized in a false-bottom suitcase

Could Cuba’s Drug Position Change with US Detente?

Cuba has reported minimal drug seizures in 2015, but as the Caribbean island and the United States re-establish relations, changing political and economic...
A Cuban police officer on duty

Is Cuba the Next El Salvador? Not Likely

A social scientist has warned that Cuba's growing gang problem could soon make the island nation's security situation resemble that of violence-wracked El Salvador...

What’s Behind US Removal of Cuban Entities from Blacklist?

The US Treasury Department's removal of multiple Cuban entities from a narco-terrorist blacklist, during a time of thawing US-Cuba relations, raises the question of...
A visa issued to an alleged Cuban criminal

US Policies Facilitate Cuban Crime Rings: Report

An investigation conducted by a Florida newspaper revealed that numerous Cuban criminal networks operate in the United States, a phenomenon facilitated by US...
President Obama shaking hands with President Castro

Cuba, US Surprising Partners in Fight Against Drug Trafficking

As relations warm between the United States and its longtime political foe Cuba, the former rivals may step up bilateral efforts in one of the few areas where they...
A political mural in Cuba

What the New US-Cuba Deal Means for Organized Crime, Security

The US hasn't provided any specific details about what a historic new deal with Cuba means in terms of security and counternarcotics policy -- an area where limited...
Street gangs in Cuba tax male prostitutes

Cuban Gang Profits From Sex Trade: Report

A report on street gangs in Cuba paints a picture of their limited but active presence in capital city Havana and their involvement in the island nation's thriving...
Ortelio Abrahantes Bacallao

Cuban Officials Involved in Drug Trafficking: Defector

A former counterintelligence agent accused high-ranking security officials in Cuba of trafficking drugs, an assertion that suggests deep government complicity in...
LA Dodgers star Yasiel Puig

Baseball’s Yasiel Puig Case May Expose Criminal Profits from US Sport

The tale of a runaway Cuban baseball player illustrates a human smuggling route from the Communist island to the US, and how Mexico's brutal Zetas may profit from...
Haitian migrants trying to reach Isla Mona

Dominican People Smugglers Trafficked Cubans to Puerto Rico

Authorities in the Dominican Republic have broken up a people smuggling ring that moved Cubans to Puerto Rico, highlighting how criminal groups are cashing in on...

Canadians Among Most Common Sex Tourists in Cuba: Investigation

Canadian men are among the most common customers of child prostitutes in Cuba, according to a newspaper investigation which highlights the difficulties of tackling...
The insignia of Cuba's border patrol

Cuba Drug Seizures Fall 66% in 2012

Cuban authorities reported seizing over three tons of drugs last year, representing a return to the average amount of drugs confiscated annually in Cuba, after 2011...