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US President Donald Trump

Weekly InSight: Debunking the Trump Administration’s Alternative Facts About MS13

In our April 20 Facebook Live session, Co-director Steven Dudley spoke with Senior Investigator Héctor Silva Ávalos about the recent rhetorical offensive launched...
Top MS13 leader Pedro Benjamín Rivas Zelaya, alias “El Sniper”

Arrest of Top MS13 Gang Leader in Guatemala Highlights Cooperation

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Bolivian Interior Minister Carlos Romero

Bolivia Minister Sticks to Party Line on Foreign Cartel Presence

Bolivia's interior minister said emissaries of Brazilian and Colombian drug trafficking groups are operating within the Andean nation, but the scope of foreign...
Spanish authorities with seized cocaine

Spain Arrests, Drug Seizures Signal Colombia Cocaine Boom Could Hit Europe

Authorities in Spain seized over one ton of cocaine from a Colombian drug trafficking network and arrested dozens of its members, a potential sign that the surge in...
Drug shipment seized by Chinese authorities

Execution of Colombian Shows China’s Commitment to Harsh Drug Policies

The Chinese government has executed a Colombian citizen for drug trafficking, amid indications that Colombia's role in the internal drug trade of the world's most...
US President Donald Trump

5 Ways Trump’s Deportation Plan Helps Criminals

In a number of ways, the Trump administration's plan to curb illegal immigration in the United States could facilitate the type of crime that it purports to...
Costa Rica's Attorney General said local criminal groups are being recruited and trained by Mexican drug cartels

Costa Rica AG Says Mexico Cartels are Recruiting, Training Local Groups

Costa Rica's Attorney General said local criminal groups are being recruited and trained by Mexican drug cartels, further indication of the evolving relationship...
Claudio "Ranita" Insaurralde, alleged head of Los Cambichos

Splinter Group’s Rise Shows Shifts in Argentina’s Criminal Dynamics

Authorities in Argentina have arrested the leader of a splinter group allegedly responsible for "Mexicanizing" the drug trade in Rosario, the latest indication that...

How the MS13 Tried (and Failed) to Create a Single Gang in the US

In July 2011, members of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS13) attended a meeting organized in California by a criminal known as "Bad Boy." Among the invitees was José Juan...
The Serbian drug trafficker Zoran Jaksic

Arrested Serb Highlights South America’s Balkan Connection

Argentina's request to extradite a Serbian crime boss provides insight into the Balkan mafia's long tentacles in Latin America -- a group that, over the years, has...
Spanish National Police photo of "Mexicano"

Spain Arrest of Barrio 18 Leader Signals Gang’s European Expansion

Spanish police have arrested an alleged leader of the Barrio 18 gang, a further indication that Central America's street gangs are seeking to expand their presence...

Argentina Finally Catches Up With International Cocaine Trafficker

Argentina has arrested a fugitive thought to be a major player in trafficking cocaine to Europe, shedding light on the country's continued role in the international...