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Venezuela's Tachira state, on the Colombian border

Colombian Gangs Extorting in Venezuela

Colombian neo-paramilitary groups, the Urabeños and the Rastrojos, are running sophisticated extortion rackets in a Venezuelan border state, now controlling...

Closing the Circle: Consolidating Zetas Territory in Guatemala

The Zetas are consolidating their territory in Guatemala, moving south from the Mexican border, and now only San Marcos province and the capital city remain for the...

‘Zetas’ Member Arrested in Argentina

Reports from Argentina claim that a member of Mexican drug gang the Zetas has been arrested the country, after a police operation against a drug trafficking...
Colombian ex-beauty queen Angela Sanclemente

Argentina: A Haven for Colombian Narcos?

Reports that two of Colombia’s most wanted drug traffickers traveled to Argentina to hold talks are only the latest evidence that the country is being used as a...

Mexican Cartels Expand into Honduras

Honduran officials report that Mexican drug traffickers are expanding their activities in the country and forming links with local bosses in four different...

Sinaloa Cartel Expands Reach in Peru, Australia

The Sinaloa Cartel reportedly maintains two armed cells at the border between Ecuador and Peru, according to a district attorney general's office. Another report by...