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Peru Criminals Set Up Phony Govt Agency to Receive Bribes

A criminal group in Peru built a phony government office to swindle contractors bidding on a public works project. But the scheme only worked because such projects...
The day after the arrest of Castillo, police began removing the stands surrounding La Salada.

Argentina Police Extorted Black Market Buenos Aires Shopkeepers: Officials

Authorities in Argentina successfully interrupted a major extortion ring in the capital Buenos Aires, in an operation that reveals how longstanding police...
Peru’s police seized the greatest amount of counterfeit dollars in the country’s history.

Peru Makes Largest-Ever Bust of Counterfeit Dollars

A recent operation by police in Peru led to the largest seizure of counterfeit dollars in the country's history, illustrating the sophistication and scale of the...
US Secret Service infographic showing how to spot counterfeit bills

Rising Dollar, Venezuela Crisis Fuel Colombia’s Counterfeit Currency Trade

Colombian authorities say the rising value of the US dollar combined with the economic crisis in neighboring Venezuela has increased the profitability of the...
Peru is known for its counterfeit dollar trade

Peru Busts Fake Money Crime Ring

Authorities arrested three Peruvians and an Italian they say were involved in fabricating fake dollars and planning to export them to the United States, shining a...
Peruvian police display counterfeit dollars

Peru Forgers Cashing in on Venezuela’s Dollar Demand

Police in Peru have reported that seizures of counterfeit dollars in 2014 were twice as high as the previous year, a pattern likely driven by the demand for fake...
Counterfeit dollars seized in Peru

Peru Counterfeit Dollars Feed Venezuela, US Markets

Police in Peru have disbanded a criminal organization that manufactured counterfeit dollars for markets in Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, and the United States,...
Contraband liquor seized in Colombia

Report Highlights Size, Scope of Contraband Alcohol Market in LatAm

A recent study of the illicit liquor market in six countries in Latin America documents the size and scope of a lucrative regional industry for criminal groups that...
The Africa-bound fake money seized in Lima

Peru Seizure Spotlights Fake Dollar Transit Through West Africa

Authorities in Peru have confiscated tens of thousands of counterfeit dollars destined for Nigeria, highlighting the use of nations in West Africa as transit points...
Ciudad del Este, Paraguay is a piracy hotspot

Latin America’s Counterfeit Markets Aiding Organized Crime

Latin America is home to five of 11 countries identified by the United States as hotbeds of counterfeit and pirated goods -- a hugely profitable trade closely...
Bolivian bolivianos

Bolivia Dismantles Fake Money Operation

Authorities in Bolivia have broken up a criminal operation dedicated to producing false local currency, in a case which highlights the spread of counterfeiting and...