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Coronavirus and Organized Crime


What Does Coronavirus Mean for Criminal Governance in Latin America?

A number of criminal groups across Latin America are ordering ceasefires and exerting control over local communities as fears of the coronavirus sweep across the...

Coronavirus Lays Bare Faultlines of Latin American Prisons

Fears of contagion amid the coronavirus pandemic have spurred deadly riots, mass breakouts, and crackdowns in several Latin American prisons, exposing how long-term...

Coronavirus Squeezing Finances of Mexico’s Criminal Groups

Contacts in China provide Mexican criminal groups with everything from counterfeit luxury goods to chemical precursors for making fentanyl. But with the spread of...

No, Cocaine Does Not Cure Coronavirus

A social media post claiming falsely that cocaine can cure COVID-19, better known as the coronavirus, has been shared thousands of times on Twitter in recent weeks,...