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Marijuana Seizures Plummet in US and Mexico. Will Illegal Profits Follow?

Authorities on both sides of the US-Mexico border have seized far less marijuana in recent years — a sign that the spread of legal forms of the drug within the...

Tobacco Cartel May Mark Shift in Mexico Underworld

The rise of a new cartel that strong-arms vendors to sell homegrown cigarette brands in large parts of Mexico has sparked concern about criminal organizations...

Rastrojos Demonstrate Power with Attack on Venezuela Military Base

A recent attack by Colombian criminal group, Los Rastrojos, on a military base in Venezuela confirms that the group is gathering strength in the country and will...

Alcohol Smuggling: A Hangover for Latin America?

A new report shows how sales of illegal alcohol in Latin America make for a booming contraband industry that is hardly ever held...

Venezuela Govt. Controls Spur Cattle Smuggling Into Colombia

A growth in cattle smuggling from Venezuela to Colombia with participation from criminal organizations could be the result of heavy-handed controls that the...

New Criminal Group Runs Fuel Smuggling at Colombia-Venezuela Border

Rivers of gasoline flow across the desert border from Venezuela into Colombia’s La Guajira department, nourishing an immense illegal market and enriching a new...

The Eight Criminal Armies Supporting Venezuela’s Maduro Administration

The editor of one of Venezuela’s most important media organizations denounced that a combination of security forces and groups linked to organized crime have...
Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos announces the country's largest-ever contraband sting

Sinaloa Cartel Drug Money Behind Colombia’s Biggest-Ever Contraband Sting

Merchandise seized during Colombia's largest-ever anti-contraband operation was allegedly linked to the Sinaloa Cartel, an apparent illustration of the importance...
Venezuelan authorities seized over 7 tons of copper

Venezuela Seizes Tons of Contraband Cable

Recent copper seizures in Venezuela show that basic supplies continue to seep out of the country as its economic crisis deepens, and people take desperate...
Contraband cigarettes seized in Paraguay

Report Breaks Down Paraguay to Brazil Cigarette Smuggling Trail

A new investigation into the cigarette smuggling trail between Paraguay and Brazil lays out the inner workings of a criminal economy that generates huge profits for...
Guatemala's port of Santo Tomás de Castilla

Crime Groups ‘Persist’ in Guatemala’s Customs System: Defense Minister

Guatemala's Defense Minister has denounced that criminal groups continue to infiltrate the country's customs system, suggesting that deeper structural reforms are...
Haiti is training a new army

Haiti’s Revived Military Could Pose More Security Risks Than Solutions

Haiti is reconstituing its previously disbanded army after more than two decades, amid concerns about growing insecurity as a United Nations peacekeeping force is...