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Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos announces the country's largest-ever contraband sting

Sinaloa Cartel Drug Money Behind Colombia’s Biggest-Ever Contraband Sting

Merchandise seized during Colombia's largest-ever anti-contraband operation was allegedly linked to the Sinaloa Cartel, an apparent illustration of the importance...
Venezuelan authorities seized over 7 tons of copper

Venezuela Seizes Tons of Contraband Cable

Recent copper seizures in Venezuela show that basic supplies continue to seep out of the country as its economic crisis deepens, and people take desperate...
Contraband cigarettes seized in Paraguay

Report Breaks Down Paraguay to Brazil Cigarette Smuggling Trail

A new investigation into the cigarette smuggling trail between Paraguay and Brazil lays out the inner workings of a criminal economy that generates huge profits for...
Guatemala's port of Santo Tomás de Castilla

Crime Groups ‘Persist’ in Guatemala’s Customs System: Defense Minister

Guatemala's Defense Minister has denounced that criminal groups continue to infiltrate the country's customs system, suggesting that deeper structural reforms are...
Haiti is training a new army

Haiti’s Revived Military Could Pose More Security Risks Than Solutions

Haiti is reconstituing its previously disbanded army after more than two decades, amid concerns about growing insecurity as a United Nations peacekeeping force is...
The day after the arrest of Castillo, police began removing the stands surrounding La Salada.

Argentina Police Extorted Black Market Buenos Aires Shopkeepers: Officials

Authorities in Argentina successfully interrupted a major extortion ring in the capital Buenos Aires, in an operation that reveals how longstanding police...
Contraband smugglers between Bolivia and Argentina, dubbed “bagayeros”

Smuggling of Drugs, People Spurs Violence in Argentina Contraband Hotbed

Recent media reports point to the rise of drug and human trafficking on the Bolivia-Argentina border as the cause of spiking violence among local...
Chilean authorities with confiscated contraband cigarettes

Report Documents Explosive Growth in Chile Contraband Cigarette Trade

A new report indicates that Chile's contraband cigarette trade has increased exponentially during the past five years, a reminder of how profitable the illegal...
Counterfeit mobile phones destroyed by Brazilian authorities

Contraband Cost Brazil a Staggering $41 Billion in 2016: Watchdog

Contraband cost Brazil tens of billions of dollars in 2016, according to two watchdog groups, an astonishing amount of money that illustrates the depth of the...
Venezuelan cash seized in Rio de Janiero

Another Massive Seizure of Venezuela Currency Deepens Mystery

Huge amounts of Venezuelan banknotes have turned up thousands of miles from the country's border for the second time in a month, raising questions about the...
The seizure was made on the border with Brazil

Paraguay Seizes 25 Tons of Venezuela Currency

Paraguay has seized 25 metric tons of Venezuelan currency, an illustration of how this soon to be worthless cash is highly valuable to counterfeiters looking to...
A man counting a stack of 100 bolivars bills

Venezuela’s Withdrawal of Bolivar Bill Promises to Benefit Organized Crime

President Nicolas Maduro has justified the withdrawal of Venezuela's 100 bolivar note as a means of undercutting criminal earnings, but past examples suggest that...